Women's Ministry Toolbox Podcast

EP 76: Women's Ministry Leader Interview with Joy Burrow

November 22, 2023 Cyndee Ownbey Episode 76
Women's Ministry Toolbox Podcast
EP 76: Women's Ministry Leader Interview with Joy Burrow
Show Notes

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Joy Burrow, the Women's Ministry Director at Grace Covenant Church in North Carolina. Joy  takes us on a journey through her personal calling and how she found herself serving in women's ministry. We dive into a recent successful women's ministry retreat at The Cove, where Joy shares the amazing story of how prayer opened doors for their retreat when it seemed impossible. 

Don't miss the details about:

  • Their women's ministry advisory board
  • Interactive sessions at their retreat
  • Joy's advice for new women's ministry leaders
  • The theme their church will be focused on next

I pray you'll be inspired and encouraged! Be sure to share this episode with your team!

Quote: "I really feel like praying in advance specifically for these requests, specifically by name for these women, really prepared the groundwork for what the Lord wanted to do while we were there, and it was so powerful." - Joy Burrow

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