Women's Ministry Toolbox Podcast

EP 79: Women's Ministry Leader Interview with Renee Rowell

February 14, 2024 Cyndee Ownbey Episode 79
Women's Ministry Toolbox Podcast
EP 79: Women's Ministry Leader Interview with Renee Rowell
Show Notes

It's time for another women's ministry leader interview! In this episode, you'll hear from Renee Rowell, a women's ministry leader at Awaken Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Renee's story is a testament to the power of obedience and the beauty of a ministry rooted in God's word and prayer.

Renee shares about: 

  • Her journey from music and worship to leading a vibrant women's ministry. 
  • Their ground-breaking vision casting dinner.
  • Stepping out into mission work and discipleship—even within prison walls.
  •  How she and her co-leader at Awaken Church maximize their complementary gifts.
  • The vital role of mentorship. 
  • And much more!

Renee's story is a powerful reminder of the evolving nature of women's ministry and the need to remain in tune with God's spirit. 

So grab your notebook, and join us for a conversation full of wisdom and encouragement, as we explore what it means to lead with a God-driven vision and an obedience-fueled heart in women's ministry today. 

Please note: There are no show notes for interviews. Not all resources leaders share are endorsed or recommended by the Women's Ministry Toolbox or Cyndee Ownbey. Please thoroughly vet resources to ensure that are in alignment with what your church teaches. 

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