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#99 Capturing Methane to Power Data Centers in Remote Areas w/ Andreas Lehner (PowerBlocks)

May 12, 2023 Silas Mรคhner - Renewables, ClimateTech, & ESG Headhunter Season 1 Episode 99
CleanTechies Podcast
#99 Capturing Methane to Power Data Centers in Remote Areas w/ Andreas Lehner (PowerBlocks)
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Show Notes

In this episode Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) speaks with Andreas Lehner (@lehner_a) about what he's doing with his new company PowerBlocks to capture methane that is just being flared, using that energy to power data centers or bitcoin mining, how he got interested in Climate, how to build an MVP with a hardware business, a short discussion around AI and the energy grid, and how he stays focused on one thing at a time.

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**1:19 What he's doing today and his backstory.
**19:47 Bitcoin & Climate Compatibility.
**25:50 How to win a pilot project?
**31:27 How they finance the projects.
**34:28 Should AI be allowed to touch the energy grid?
**43:44 What is their funding mostly used for?

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