Becoming Comfortable – Embracing the Tech Space with Thuy Doan
Becoming Comfortable – Embracing the Tech Space with Thuy Doan 37:47 Constructing An Identity – Knocking Out Impostor Syndrome with Mannah Kallon 40:54 FinTech and Promotion – Find Yourself A Niche with Ben Barten 35:32 Lift While You Climb with Lizzie Siegle 34:42 Content Creation with Kedasha Kerr 34:15 But, What If I Can? with Janine Marsh 36:31 Cultivating Community with Bekah Hawrot Weigel 38:12 Blogging, Bootcamps, and Bettering Yourself with Julia Mathias 36:15 How Long Does it Take to Learn to Code? with Coderslang 26:30 Coding with Confidence with Star Richardson 37:48 Getting Started in Open Source with Jayesh Ahire 34:41 Switching Into Tech with Elyse Robinson 38:51 The Beauty of Diversity in Tech with Stefanni Brasil 41:25 Programming Duck: Improve Your Programming with Spyros Argalias 39:44 Asking Questions and Asking For Help with Jaeriah Tay 31:46 Friends and Firsts – Volunteering a Path to Tech with Erin Claudio with Erin Claudio 42:58 Pixi Coding with Emily A. Pixi 39:26 Learning How to Code with Rabbi on Rails Yechiel Kalmenson 29:49 Diamonds, Mentors & Value – Cutting a Path into Tech with Stephen Ajayi 28:09 Open-Source Maintaining and Competitive Gaming with Nick Dejesus 48:56 Hiring the Formerly Incarcerated: Rising Tides Lift All Boats with Kurt Kemple 35:50 Prioritizing Mental Health and Getting Help with Rahat Chowdhury 27:18 You’re Going To Make It with Jeremy Schuurmans 36:33 Heads in Clouds – Freelance Finance and Being Your Own Boss with Hiroko Nishimura 43:55 Community Management That Cares with Michael Tharrington 41:41