Interviewing the Interviewer with Aisha Blake
Interviewing the Interviewer with Aisha Blake 49:38 Where Should I Apply? with Ceora Ford 1:03:48 Inside Scoop – What Companies Are Doing to Make The Interviewing Process Better with Spence Taylor 52:33 An Interview with Interview Expert Ian Douglas 59:55 Building A Network with Rynn Mancuso 39:57 Resumes and Cover Letters with Chloe Condon 50:41 Launchies 2.0! 30:33 Exploring and Tech – Internationally Awesome with Peter ONeill 26:14 Herding Cats – Getting Involved in The Wide World of Tech with Kiran Oliver 32:01 Ls and Ws – Practice Makes Progress with Iheanyi Ekechukwu 32:42 Developer Education – Don’t Underestimate Your Own Expertise with Megan Sullivan 40:34 Introverts and Attending Code School – Advice for Tech Newbies with Katy Farmer 48:12 Googling and Self-Teaching – Attend Code School Q&A with Danielle Thompson 34:05 Taking Time to Reflect – Doing Better Than You Did Yesterday, Today with Zachary Powell 38:09 Skill and Knowledge Sharing – Creating Community with Arisa Fukuzaki 34:17 New Relican – Welcome to DevRel with Lauren Lee 46:49 Get Excited and Keep Pushing Through with Rizél Scarlett 34:50 Shoot Your Shot – Stop Counting Yourself Out with Anne Griffin 43:36 Becoming Comfortable – Embracing the Tech Space with Thuy Doan 37:47 Constructing An Identity – Knocking Out Impostor Syndrome with Mannah Kallon 40:54 FinTech and Promotion – Find Yourself A Niche with Ben Barten 35:32 Lift While You Climb with Lizzie Siegle 34:42 Content Creation with Kedasha Kerr 34:15 But, What If I Can? with Janine Marsh 36:31 Cultivating Community with Bekah Hawrot Weigel 38:12