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Am I Doing This Right?
Am I Doing This Right? Episode 4 - Alyonka Larionov
June 04, 2018 Marc van Herk
Marc speaks with Alyonka Larionov, a Host, Producer, Podcaster, Social Engineer and founder of WO/MEN. The two chat about the opportunity for growth in discomfort (4:00), Why she made the choice to share her story (5:50), The importance of sharing your struggles (7:40), What fills her up - perspective (11:26), The balance of positivity vs negativity (13:50), When she chose to step into recovery for her eating disorder (16:30), The recovery process (18:45), The conversation around mental health (21:25), The biggest trends she’s noticing from her WO / MEN workshops (25:10), Creating a space for vulnerability (28:30), Where her curiosity and intuition stem from (30:41), What she’s currently in working on in her personal growth (35:48), What i’m working on in therapy (38:20), Alyonka’s advice for anyone going through a major shift in their lives (41:30), What she hopes to accomplish over the next few months (45:00), Purpose (47:25), Alyonka frames my skepticism and love/dislike relationship for Drake in a different light (51:20), Who she would spend 18 hours in an airport with (52:23)
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