Scaling the DevOps Career Ladder with Eran Bibi
Scaling the DevOps Career Ladder with Eran Bibi 37:51 The Pull Request Paradox with Yishai Beeri 32:45 High Stakes and High Stacks with Or Weis 44:44 Minimum Viable Security – Start Small, Then Iterate with David Melamed 36:39 Open Source From Day 1 – Make Your Repo Shine with Eyar Zilberman 30:34 Tangible Goals – Addressing The Why of Things with Nočnica Fee 35:40 Giving 100% – Working Towards Shared Goals with Ryan Bahan 35:14 Why Does The Business Care? with Michael Heap 24:34 Software is Built by People with Ulrich Sossou 29:55 Building and Growing Remote Teams with Ivy Evans 29:17 Programming = Poetry, Art, and Music with Chael Wright-Munn 45:06 Writing Documentation and Caring About Developer Mental Health with Lorna Mitchell 32:46 Creating Cool Content – It’s the Jam(stack) with James Q. Quick 26:42 Developer Avocados – Creating Culture Over Team with Alex Lakatos 50:51 Front-End Mastery – Blending The Worlds of Teaching and Tech with Steve Kinney 33:08 Engineering Management and Teaching Computer Science Education with Dave Bock 45:20 Dreaming and Breaking Molds – Establishing Best Practices with Scott Haines 34:25 Appropriate, Correct, Robust, Usable, Maintainable, and Efficient (ACRUMEN) with Dave Aronson 43:33 Magikcraft – Teaching Kids to Program Using Minecraft with Joshua Wulf 40:54 Functional Pivoting – Tackling Ruby, Haskell, and Rust Playgrounds with Rein Henrichs 37:38 Communication Counts – Leading a New Generation of Developers with Chris Mar 40:42 Switching Spaces – Building Cohesive Rooms with Autumn Crossan 25:48 An Epic, Excellent, Eclectic Episode with Kiran Oliver 37:13 Prototypal Pragmatism – Designing Patterns for Progress with William Shepherd 36:09 Buildpacks and Paketo with Ram Iyengar 38:22