Switching Spaces – Building Cohesive Rooms with Autumn Crossan
Switching Spaces – Building Cohesive Rooms with Autumn Crossan 25:48 An Epic, Excellent, Eclectic Episode with Kiran Oliver 37:13 Prototypal Pragmatism – Designing Patterns for Progress with William Shepherd 36:09 Buildpacks and Paketo with Ram Iyengar 38:22 Breaking Up Rails Monoliths and Contact-Driven API Development with Dmitry Pashkevich 38:14 Data Is Valuable with Aaron Marks 38:28 Code in Color with William Shepherd 38:04 Ruthless Prioritization with Thiago Araujo 53:13 What Is Developer Experience and Why Should We Care? with Deepu K Sasidharan 43:52 From FastAPI to Rust with Dylan Anthony 44:58 Modern Front-End Developent For Rails with Noel Rappin 39:29 Stepping In, Contributing, and Reveling in Open Source with Matthew Draper 38:24 Software Architecture: Different vs Wrong with Casey Dement 45:56 The Misconceptions About Polyglot Programming with Mirek Sedzinski 38:42 Doing DevRel Before DevRel Was Cool with Jay Gordon 44:07 Slaying Dragons – Inside A Dark Room with Amir Rajan 1:00:39 Birthing Unicorns – Growing Companies and Developers with Heather Wilde 42:35 Transpilers and Teaching with Cameron Dutro 35:52 Living in Ruby-Land and Rebuilding Rails with Noah Gibbs 43:05 The Importance of Being Trustworthy with Nell Shamrell-Harrington 40:46 Coffee & Community – Building with Intention with Bekah Hawrot Weigel 35:28 Thought Leaders & Machetes – Soloing The Corporate Jungle with Mike Perham 29:24 Nuances, Opinions, and Phenomenons with Postmodern 44:56 Going Spec Deep with Laurie Barth 38:07 Retreat and Delete to Write Better Code with Corey Haines 1:12:37