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Embracing Victories: How Acknowledging Wins Fuels Motivation

August 29, 2023 Norma Reyes, PhD. Season 3 Episode 101
The Manifesting Latina
Embracing Victories: How Acknowledging Wins Fuels Motivation
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Do you truly celebrate your wins? From the minor victories like finding your toddler's socks quickly in the morning to reaching significant career milestones, each achievement deserves its moment of glory. Join me, Dr. Norma Reyes, as we explore how to revel in these accomplishments, sharing them with supportive friends, and why you refrain from minimizing your achievements with negative thoughts. We also look at how the bumps in our journey contribute to our growth and progress.

Our conversation continues with a focus on maintaining motivation by celebrating each accomplishment, regardless of how long it takes or the number of times it took you. Sharing your victories can keep you going and inspire others to do the same. We learn about the importance of reframing setbacks not as failures but as opportunities for reflection and growth. So whether you're on a personal or professional journey, this episode serves as a reminder to take every step forward with a celebration. Embrace your victories, they are your story and the inspiration others need.

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Speaker 1:

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck, lost or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest your Career Podcast is just right for you. With me, your host, dr Norma Reyes, the Manifest your Career Podcast offers you career advice that integrates your mind, body and spirit. It's time you start listening to your own inner guidance. Learn in each week to learn how to combine your intuition, strategy and logic so that you can manifest a career of your dreams. Hey everyone, welcome back. This is episode 101. It is all about celebrating your victories and embracing your wins, big or small. It is so important. It is so important for you to celebrate your wins, no matter how big or how small they are. It's like throwing a small party for your soul. You can do this any which way that feels good to you. You can do it silently, with a dance party at home, you can do it sharing it with friends, via text message, or even doing it on social media. However, it is just make sure that you're celebrating yourself. Maybe you text a friend oh, this morning I was able to find my toddler socks in less than a minute and, trust me, if you have little ones, you probably can understand the importance of being able to find your toddler socks in the morning. An additional win is when they don't fight you to put them on. Oh my gosh, it is so hard sometimes to get the little people in your home to just do what you ask of them in the morning. But they are people too and they wake up with their own personalities and intentions, and they may not be to get out the door when you need them to. So, celebrating small wins like that, celebrating small wins like waking up one day early, maybe going to bed early, whatever it is it's so important to focus, to celebrate those little wins so that you can then empower yourself Right. Think of it when you praise your child for doing something small like saying thank you or throwing their trash away without you asking them, and for those of you that don't have kids, maybe asking your partner or your partner doing something without you asking them directly to do it. Or you know yourself, right, I know that sometimes I do things for myself, such as like cleaning my desk on a Friday, so that on Monday, when I come back to my desk, it's clean and it's wonderful. It's like, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, because you know a nice, clean, orderly desk on your first day into the work week is also very, very nice. So now, celebrating major milestones you know it is so important to celebrate those. It is like getting something off the really, really top high shelf and you didn't think you could do it, but you did. You know short people, problems and that feeling of like hell. Yeah, I just got that all for myself. It didn't matter that I was on my TB. Chosen almost fell over a couple of times. I did it. You know that's like a major milestone. A milestone where you know it took you time and effort, no matter how easy it might have been for someone else, no matter if you know it took someone less time to do that same thing. If it was something that took you time, stress, sweat, tears to accomplish, that is a major milestone for you and you can decide what those are. What's most important is that you celebrate them. You know the do's and do'ts of celebrating your wins includes sharing them with your loved ones, sharing it with your supportive friends and key term, I did say supportive friends, because we all have a friend that maybe not be that supportive. So you are gonna share your wins with them because it is important for them to be able to celebrate. You Think for a moment, the time that you are able to celebrate someone else and their accomplishments, it feels great. It feels great to celebrate others, it feels great to celebrate you. And, of course, the don'ts. Don't minimize your achievements with negative remarks like, oh, it wasn't a big deal. I know that one's mine. I will raise my hand and tell you guys. This happens often with some of my major accomplishments, like getting my PhD. I used to often say it wasn't a big deal. Oh, yeah, it wasn't that hard. Yeah, it was not a big deal. Blah, blah, blah. You know I said it as it really wasn't a big deal, because I don't ever want anyone to feel like a degree is necessary or that I think I'm better because I have a degree. But on the flip side, somebody may hear that as a it wasn't a big deal to me. Why can't you get your shit together? Or someone who struggles to stay focused in school, who has been struggling to get their bachelor's degree for years now, may hear the it's not a big deal or it wasn't that hard as a slap in the face of why they haven't been able to accomplish something. So not only are you minimizing yourself when you aren't celebrating your wins or recognizing the time and effort that it did take, because it did take me time and effort adjusting my schedule, making sure that I was focused and doing everything I needed to do. The comment if it wasn't a big deal, I mean maybe that should have been more of like I worked through all the challenges. Yes, I finished my PhD and it came with challenges and I worked through them versus it wasn't a big deal right, it wasn't a big deal minimizes your accomplishment and it minimizes you and minimizes the other person's belief in themselves. Inverse that, instead of you celebrating yourself and inspiring others to celebrate themselves, to celebrate their wins, celebrate how far they've come, no matter what. It is right. It's not about who has accomplished what. When you are celebrating, you're reminding everyone else that they can celebrate themselves for those small accomplishments that maybe they thought were not a big deal, or the big ones too. You know, when I see someone celebrating their PhD and they share their struggle and how great it feels, I celebrate with them, right? I'm like, yes, you know, I'm so glad that you were able to do this and make it through. The one thing that I have never minimized getting or doing is finishing my marathon. I did a full marathon December 2021 and it feels so good to be done and it was the biggest accomplishment that I did, that I felt so good to have had it done, like there was no part of me that minimized it. Of course, I was in a very different mindset in 2021 than I was in 2019, even though it was only a few years apart and been working on myself, my spiritual journey, so I think that made a big difference. So if you're having a hard time celebrating yourself, know that it might just be that you need to work on some inner work and reminding yourself that it is okay to celebrate you. It is safe for you to celebrate yourself, it is safe for others to celebrate you, and know that you can celebrate your setbacks too. Setbacks are not failures. So many times we feel like, oh my gosh, like I can't believe I'm back here again, not able to move forward, and the thing is, every setback or quote unquote failure is really a time for you to take a step back and pause so that you can have the growth and development you need to move forward. In the last year of getting my PhD, I had a moment of like oh my God, like I cannot finish this. And I remember reaching out to one of my committee members and just venting to her like I'm just so tired of doing this, like I just want to stop, you know. And she's like just keep going, you're so close, you're almost done. And in my heart I knew it, I knew that I was almost there, but then there's just this part of me that was like I just want this to end. So when I say like it was no big deal, I am forgetting about the house setbacks where it was a big deal, where I didn't want to move forward, where I just wanted to not have to think about getting or completing my dissertation. So know that those moments come for a reason and it is so that you can reflect, pause, have whatever growth that you need and I can't even tell you what growth I needed. I guess I needed persistence at that point and know that you can reach your goal. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to reach that goal. It doesn't matter how long it took you to pause. Just come back to it and then move forward, and I will carry out that with if that's something that still you want to do Now. With the PhD, I was so close there is no way that I was going to not finish it. And the unfortunate part there's so many times that people don't finish the PhD because they've just lost their steam doing it. Or you know, I'm sure there's other goals that happen that way too. But know to come back. Come back. If it's in your heart that you want something, come back to it, but celebrate the fact that you came back. Celebrate that you continue to keep trying, regardless of whether you have finished that goal or not, because that in itself is the win, that in itself is an accomplishment. You know, in, every little step that you are taking deserves a celebration. So take some time to journal, journal and all the things that you've accomplished. Journal and all the things that you've gotten back at, despite feeling like you couldn't keep going, no matter how long it took you to come back to it. All right, guys, that is it for today. Remember to celebrate your wins, share them with others and keep those minimizing remarks out of your mouth, because that is not helpful to you or anyone else when celebrating your wins, big or small. I'll talk with you guys next week.

The Importance of Celebrating Your Wins
Celebrating Accomplishments and Maintaining Motivation