The Manifesting Latina

Manifesting Through Meditation and Visualization

September 19, 2023 Norma Reyes, PhD. Season 3 Episode 104
The Manifesting Latina
Manifesting Through Meditation and Visualization
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In this episode of the Manifest Your Career podcast, I'll guide you through a mediation to help you manifest your deepest desires. We will embark on a transformative meditation session, where you'll learn to unleash your deepest desires and chart the path to everything you've always wanted.

This episode is a soothing blend of relaxation and visualization exercises. We start by releasing tension and stress through progressive relaxation. Feel the tranquility as you immerse yourself on a serene beach, aligning with the Earth's energy, and invite radiant light representing your dreams into your life. 

This enlightening journey doesn't merely help you visualize your dreams, but it reassures you that your manifestations are taking shape. 

Remember, you are a powerful manifestor and the creator of your reality! 

Let's embrace this journey of realization and manifestation together. You are just one deep breath away from stepping into your dreams. Ready to start manifesting? Let's take the first step!

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Speaker 1:

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck, lost or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest your Career Podcast is just right for you. With me, your host, dr Norma Reyes, the Manifest your Career Podcast offers you career advice that integrates your mind, body and spirit. It's time you start listening to your own inner guidance. Learn in each week to learn how to combine your intuition, strategy and logic so that you can manifest a career of your dreams. Hey everyone, welcome back. Today I have a guided meditation for you for manifesting your dreams and deepest desires. Go ahead and find a quiet and comfortable space where you can feel safe, relaxed and are able to focus your mind. Of course, please do not do this while driving. You can do this sitting or laying down, wherever you feel most comfortable and safe. So we'll go ahead and get started with a progressive relaxation exercise to help you release any stress or tension that you have in your body. So go ahead and close your eyes and take a nice deep breath in, hold it and release. I want you to go ahead and start paying attention to your breath, inhale deeply through your nose, counting to four One, two, three, four and then exhale through your mouth slowly also counting to four, three, two, one. Go ahead and repeat this a few breaths and start to feel yourself becoming calmer with each breath that you are doing. In 1, 2, 3, 4, out 1, 2, 3, 4. In 1, 2, 3, 4, out 1, 2, 3, 4. We're going to go ahead and start with your hands. As you continue to breathe deeply, go ahead and clench your fists tightly for a few seconds. Feel the tension in your hands. Then slowly release your fists, letting go of all the tension. Feel the warmth and relaxation in your hands as you unclench them. Now bring your attention to your arms and shoulders as you inhale, gently raise your shoulders towards your ears, creating tension. Hold for a few seconds and then exhale, as you release the tension, allowing your shoulders to drop back and relax. Go ahead and do that one more time, holding for a few seconds and releasing the tension. Now let's focus on your neck. Gently tilt your head from one side, feeling the stretch in your neck muscles, hold for a moment and then slowly return your head to a neutral position and repeat this on the other side, feeling the stretch, taking your breaths with you, then bringing your head back to center. Now go ahead and move your attention to your face. Scrunch up your face muscles by squeezing your eyes shut, clenching your jaw. Hold for a few seconds and then release, letting go of all the tension melting away from your face, and continue to breathe deeply. Go ahead and focus on your chest, which is filling up with air in your lungs. Hold for a moment, feeling the stretch and tension in your chest as you're inhaling, and then go ahead and exhale, letting go of any tightness, feeling your chest and back relaxing completely. Bring your focus to your abdomen, tying in your abdomen muscles as you inhale deeply and then release as you exhale. Feel the tension, leaving your stomach, leaving it soft and relaxed, melting the tension away. Lastly, turn your attention to your legs and your feet. Point your toes, tighten your leg muscles, feeling the tension. Hold it for a moment and then release, following your legs and feet to go limp and relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and imagine a wave of relaxation flowing down from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, releasing any remaining stress or tension. Feel your entire body becoming calm and at ease. Take a few moments to enjoy the sensation of relaxation through your body and gently bring your focus to your breath. And now I want you to imagine yourself standing at the edge of a tranquil beach, with the soft sand beneath your feet and the gentle sound of the ocean in the background. With every breath you take, you become more and more grounded, more connected to the Earth's energy. Now envision your dream as a beautiful radiant light just above your head. This light represents your desires, your goals and everything you wish to manifest. As you inhale, imagine drawing this radiant light down into the crown of your chakra, allowing it to fill your entire being with its warm, vibrant energy. Feel the light expanding within you, eliminating every cell in your body. Take a nice deep breath in and, with every exhale, release any doubts, fears or limitations that may stand in the way of your manifestations. Let them dissolve into the ether, leaving space for positivity and abundance within you. Visualize the light of your dream settling into your heart center it's here within your heart and that your intentions are nurtured and your manifestations begin to take root. Imagine yourself surrounded by a sphere of golden light that radiates protection, love and unwavering support. You are safe, you are supported, you are ready to manifest. Now take a moment to visualize yourself living your dream. Imagine every detail the sights, the sounds, the sensations, the feelings. Feel the joy, the gratitude and the fulfillment that comes with realizing your desires In this sacred space of your imagination. Know that your dreams are already unfolding. You are the creator of your reality and the universe is working with you to bring your desires to fruition. As you continue to breathe deeply, repeat the following affirmations, silently or outlawed I am a powerful manifester. My dreams are becoming my reality. I am a powerful manifester. My dreams are becoming my reality. Feel the truth of these words resonating within you. Embrace the certainty that your manifestations are taking shape, guided by your intentions and the universe's infinite wisdom. Continue to take nice, deep breaths in and releasing and, when you're ready, slowly start to bring your awareness back to the present moment. Allow your breath to get back to its normal rhythm, feeling the gentle rise and fall of your breath. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Take your time to fully reawaken. Remember, dear soul, you hold the power to manifest your dreams. Carry this energy with you as you move toward your day, knowing that your intentions are paving the way for your desired reality. Have a great rest of your day. Thank you for listening to the Manifest your Career podcast. Are you ready to take action today? Visit ManifestYourCareercom to get started and schedule a free discovery call with me and gain clarity today.