The Manifesting Latina

Part 1. Manifesting Your Desires: Step by Step Process

October 03, 2023 Norma Reyes, PhD. Season 3 Episode 106
The Manifesting Latina
Part 1. Manifesting Your Desires: Step by Step Process
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Have you ever felt like you were meant for more but weren't sure how to harness that potential? Join me, Dr. Norma Reyes, as I take you on my personal journey from securing a PhD to birthing not just a baby, but also a spiritual awakening. Tune in to hear how free Kindle books became my guiding light, leading me to my destiny of manifestation and coaching others on this spiritual journey.

We dive into the heart of the connection between manifestation and spirituality. I detail my deep spiritual awakening during my PhD program that opened my understanding of transformative levels of consciousness. It was this new-found awareness that inspired me to create a webinar called "Making Manifesting Easy Creating your Own Spiritual Toolbox". Let's discuss how manifesting goes beyond being a mere tool and becomes a spiritual practice, requiring us to set clear intentions and seek guidance.

Let's explore further how you can manifest your dream career and life. Uncover how cleansing, setting intentions, and aligning your actions can bring about the outcomes you desire. We delve into the fascinating interplay between masculine and feminine energies in manifestation, and how journaling can serve as a powerful tool for manifestation. Lastly, I share how I guide others on their spiritual journey, offering insights on self-care, aligning with your higher purpose, and connecting with your ancestral lineage to facilitate the manifestation process. Join me and let's take the first step together towards manifesting the life you've always dreamed of.

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Speaker 1:

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck, lost or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest your Career Podcast is just right for you. With me, your host, dr Norma Reyes, the Manifest your Career Podcast offers you career advice that integrates your mind, body and spirit. It's time you start listening to your own inner guidance. Learn in each week to learn how to combine your intuition, strategy and logic so that you can manifest a career of your dreams. Hey everyone, welcome back. This is episode 106 and I am super excited to talk to you all about manifesting. In the process. I take the steps that I take and share those with you. This is actually the first time that I share that with anyone, and really this has been developing over the past years, but just in the last few months, I literally wrote this down and was like this is it, this is my magic sauce, my recipe. I can't wait to share it with you all so that you can integrate it, pull what you like from it and create your own manifesting magic. Before we dive into the manifesting steps that I take, I want to talk to you all about my spiritual journey and how I've gotten here. Back in 2019, I had just finished my PhD. I was pregnant with my second son and actually currently pregnant with my third son. I don't think I've shared that on the podcast yet. Well guys, if you aren't following me on Instagram now, you know that I am currently pregnant and due in February. So in 2019,. I had finished my PhD. I went on maternity leave in August. My baby was so good, he was sleeping long. He was almost the opposite of our first son, who would not sleep very long, long nights. It took us an hour to put him to bed. We were having to wake up like 30 minutes later. It was horrible, honestly, and I just remember getting through those nights thinking I asked for this, I asked for this. I couldn't imagine a teenager going through this alone. I had my husband there helping me. So, yes, fast forward, 2019 second son. None of that is going on and I'm beginning to feel useless. I hate to use the word useless because I know I wasn't, but he didn't need me, my older son, who was three, going in for that time they didn't really need me as much either. My husband was in school, so he was at home, so there was more support than I had the first time around and you know he was doing his own thing, probably enjoying getting a break from having the kids always on him. And so I'm there and I'm just remember laying and thinking like is this it? This is this can't just be it. You know, I had just finished my PhD program and when we, especially if you're high achiever, especially if you feel like you always have to be working on something, you begin to feel like you've lost yourself. You begin to feel like you've lost your identity. So I definitely had that moment of who am I? You know, without being a mom, without being a PhD student, without being the sole provider to our family, who am I? And of course, I didn't have that in deep questioning of myself, like it wasn't that conscious. It was more of a feeling of dread. It was more of a feeling of like this can't be it and a feeling of I want more than this. This is not how I want the rest of my life to feel like at all. I mean, I'm sure none of you want your life to feel like is this it? And I just remember thinking, okay, what did I used to like to do? Because when you've been invested, especially like a PhD program or anything else. And, of course, if you've listened to my story before, I share that not only was I getting my PhD, but I was also working full time. And then I was also working on my other goals that I work on consistently, which was like I ran several halves and I trained for those while working full time, breastfeeding, pumping and getting my PhD. And then a different year I was doing a bodybuilding competition, you know, going through that process and again still working, still going to school full time and raising the sun, breastfeeding, all of those things. I share that just to remember. Like you know, sometimes we're so busy that then we get to this point where we're not and we're actually resting, and then we realize, like what have I been chasing all this time? And it doesn't mean that those moments were bad, because I truly did enjoy everything I was doing. I think it was just more that you get into this low and you can kind of get back into that hustle and forget that you're like I want more out of this life and then in a year or two you wake up thinking like what did I just do? Why didn't I just go and do that thing I wanted to do and I had actually made a list when I was in my PhD program of all the things I wanted to do when I was done with school. So I look up the list and a lot of that stuff was like stuff I still really couldn't do because obviously I'm in maternity. But one of the things was reading, reading. I absolutely love reading and hadn't read for fun or enjoyment in a very long time, and so I started reading and it was very interesting how it happened, because it was before I was conscious of, like you know, oh, the universe is sending me messages, and I say conscious of, because the universe is always constantly send us messages, as a matter of whether we are listening or not. So I just started getting free Kindle books, free kindle books, like I don't know where. All of a sudden I want to read. I'm getting free kindle books, credits for kindle books, and I'm like, okay, sure, I will pick this one and this one. And in all of these books started to transform me in ways that I felt at home with them. What I mean by that is that I'm like whoa, these, all these things feel like home. They feel like something I've always known within myself, and by things I mean, like the spiritual consciousness, the spiritual real, awakening the being in alignment. There's a higher purpose to me and why I'm here and how. I'm here to change the world, and maybe everyone is here to change the world. Some of us may do change the world for millions and others might just be a few people in our community, but we are all here and I want to say that, sharing that you are constantly changing people's lives in different ways and you do it and like Sorry, I'm like so excited about this right now. You are going to do it in ways that Isn't always going to be related to your career or to your bigger, larger purpose. Like you'll have little mini purposes, right. Like you know how they say people are in your life for a purpose, for a reason. Those are moments that you are in someone else's life as well, changing their life in a way that is beneficial to them If they choose it to be right. We all have to just choose. We have free will. We have free will to do what we want and receive the guidance or not receive it. Right. How many years was I quote-unquote not seeing, not conscious, seeing the signs? And so I'm beginning to digest these books and I'm like feeling inspired and I'm like, oh my gosh, like I know what I want to do. I want to start my own business. And I laugh only because it's like I had never really thought about Starting my own business in the sense of what I'm currently doing. I think my career goals at those times where I want to be the president of a university, I want to be a VP or Higher of a large corporation like those were my aspirations. And then all of a sudden it's like I want to create my own business and change lives and Really sipping into the divine and the spiritual. Of course, at the time I did not have those words, so know that sometimes it takes a While just to gain clarity on the words that you're using to define what you're doing, and that's okay. The most important thing to do is to just start to move forward in those things. So I already know this episode is gonna have to have a part two, but yes, we'll see how far we go and then definitely will do a part two to dive deeper into the manifesting steps To keep the episode from not being super duper long. So I Start my first business. I come back to work from a journey leave of several different people, tell me like I'm a whole different person than I was when I left before. And I'm just like what are you talking about? This is me, but really, in reflection and retrospect, like I was a different person because I had had a spiritual awakening. I wasn't the same person with the same goals anymore. I was a person who wanted to lean into my purpose. You know, not just follow the stops, not just follow the traditional Thinking of what success is right growing within a company, becoming a leader and making a lot of money with them. And you know, working nine to five and take vacations every once in a while, my reality had shifted to I Want to start a business, I want to have time freedom, I want to become a millionaire. Not to say that I couldn't become a millionaire working for nine to five. It just would be in a different sense, in a different way. Right, maybe it'll take me ten years in a Traditional setting where it could take me less time, not to say that we started your own business as a guarantee. But when you are starting your own business, things are completely different and you can guide your business in ways of growth that is much easier than if you are in a traditional career setting. So I Was reading all the books and sharing, really taking a lot of inspired action. At that time I wasn't over thinking as much, which is great. When you are in the beginning of a spiritual awakening, it feels really awesome. You feel like you're on cloud nine, you're very open to the signs that the universe is giving you. You don't question them as much. But then you know, life happens. I got back to work, into my ego begins to kind of Come in. People start to come and ask me what I'm doing in my business. I don't really have like full words for it other than, oh, leaning on what I've done, research on, leaning on what I Thought was my Passion and I say thought, there's shadow passions. I do love talking to people and I do love hearing about their career journeys, and I think, more so than just hearing about their career journeys, I love to hear how they overcame their struggles. That is really what. Oh, tell me how you overcame that. Tell me about your struggles Because and that is the reason why I did my research for my PhD the way I did because there's so much research about what is keeping us down, but not enough research on how people overcome these struggles. And, like I said it then and before, you know I know my struggles, I know the struggles of my community. What I need to know is how to get the hell out of these struggles, how to overcome them, and I know you, listening, want to know that too. So that's one of the reasons that I love hearing people's journeys, because we so often see the person as they are in their success and we don't hear their struggles. So I'll make a note that I will be sharing my struggles a whole lot more, because you need to hear that I also have struggles, that I also had challenges that I've overcome, and sharing my struggles and how I overcame them Are it's gonna help you more than any other story or thought or philosophy that I could ever share. So, as I am coming back to real life working 9 to 5, you know and building my business from 2019 to now, I am reading all the books and you'll understand why I keep saying reading all the books. Reading all the books, you know, going into coaching programs to develop my skills, coaching programs that I believed would help me. Some did some kind of left me. You know where I was, like I could have done without that. But you know, you don't know what you don't know. And I called one of my friends who was always there for me on my drives back home, like 9 pm, 10 pm, and you know my husband was too tired or busy with the kids and wasn't available. So I called my friend and I'm telling him about all the stuff. I'm like, oh, my god, I got to share with you, right, because I'm having my spiritual awakening. And he's like Norma, you know you've talked about this before. And I'm like what, what are you talking about? I've talked about this before? No, I have not. And he's like, yeah, you did. And then I had to think really hard like what is he talking about? And it was really in the beginning of my PhD program. In the PhD program that I was in, they were very much into transformative learning and really having us think about consciousness and the levels of consciousness and I'm gonna write that down because that's a whole other episode you know, levels of consciousness and understanding. That is gonna help you be able to be more compassionate with yourself, with others, move forward, versus getting stuck in some of these situations that we get stuck in. So, just like you know everyday life, you have to deal with someone and maybe just talking to you in a way that makes you feel demeaned, and then, if you take a moment to think about, their level of consciousness may not be at yours, meaning they don't have as much compassion, things might be more face value. It is not giving them an excuse, but giving you an understanding, so I will be writing that down. So, as you know, he's telling me and I'm thinking about this I'm like I was a little sad because it was like whoa, I was like 2014, 2015-ish, and now it's, you know, 2020. And you're telling me that I, like this is not the first time that I have this awakening, and it wasn't the first first time either, because I had had this happen when I was a teenager and then went in a different direction in regards to spirituality, and so I decided then, at that moment, that I wasn't gonna allow myself to not be in this state of mind, not be in this level of consciousness Again. I didn't want to get back into the hustle bustle of life where I forget that there's a divine guidance out there for us that we can connect and have a connection with continuously. And so at the time my thoughts were like oh, I know how to continue to stay in this state of spiritual consciousness. So I realized that the way to continue to be in this state of flow, be in this consciousness that was it being intentional in my manifesting was by sharing, by talking to people about it, because you learn and grow the more that you share. So if you are wanting to make sure that you don't lose touch with your own spirituality, with your own connection with the divine share it. Share it with people that you feel comfortable with first, share it on social media, on a blog, on whatever. Whatever feels like the right step for you. I say that because oftentimes we feel like, oh, I have to do this. No, you don't have to do anything. I'm saying to share. Share with a friend, share with someone that you feel will just hear you, you know, not judge you, most importantly, and that you feel safe with. I could go on and on about this, because as time goes on, I've continued to grow in this spiritual practice and it's becoming clearer and more clear on how I want to practice my spirituality, what spirituality is, how manifesting and spirituality tie together. I just had my free webinar last week called Making Manifesting Easy Creating your Own Spiritual Toolbox, and I will be doing it again, maybe in a few months. If you're interested in that, make sure to join my newsletter so that you don't miss when I have it coming out again, because I do realize I did not share it on the podcast this time, but I'll make sure to do it next time. So in my webinar, as I was putting it all together, I had to realize why spirituality and manifesting to me felt so intertwined, but I didn't have the words for it in the beginning. If you had asked me this in 2019 and 2020, I wouldn't have had an answer. My level of understanding and consciousness was like at the beginning not the beginning beginning, because you know it wasn't the first time, but it was like the rebirth, right. So I now have put it into thought and put it into words that for me, manifesting is not just a tool that you use when you want it to be. Manifesting is a spiritual practice and you have to treat it as such. You know, going on and looking up and googling is fine. Just know that perhaps the reason why your manifestations are not working is because you are treating them as a transaction, as a vending machine. You know like I push the buttons and now I want my item, when in reality, manifesting is a spiritual practice, whether you agree with it or not. That's my stance. It's a spiritual practice. You are setting an intention, you are asking the universe of a higher power to give you this manifestation. Of course you have to have a light action in that. So you are doing things, but guess who is guiding you If you choose to ask for guidance choose to is the key there. But you know those things you're connecting to something higher than you. I know that when I'm manifesting, I'm thanking the universe, I'm connecting with my higher self and asking for guidance. That is a spiritual practice, y'all. Manifesting and spirituality are one in the same. Manifesting is how you practice your spirituality, if that's how you are choosing to do it. Now, spirituality is different than religion. I do want to put that out there and you can have both. You can have a practice that does both. That doesn't mean that you have to choose one or the other, and it's two different things. So religion just wanted to touch on that. Religions are set, organized beliefs and practices shared by a community. You know like you go there. But spirituality is more individual practice, having to do with the sense of yourself, connecting with the higher purpose and developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connecting with the egos and all that right, the cosmos. So, as I'm putting my webinar together, putting my thoughts together, it's like epiphany upon epiphany and I'm like, oh, this is why I'm so moving in the direction of, if you have to connect with your ancestors to make your manifesting so much more powerful, right, if you are connecting with your spiritual guidance of your ancestors and their magic, of course your manifesting is going to come into you in ways that you've never had before. So I'm gonna pause that there and I'm gonna come back to it. I'm gonna write it down about ancestors and spirituality plus manifesting. That'd be, that'd be I don't know, but that'd be like part three, because right now I'm gonna share with you my manifesting steps and I'm going to dive into them deeper on the next episode, since, hang on, I like to keep the episodes somewhat short. So these are the steps that I've put together that I believe are important and you can decide to. You know, adopt them, you can decide to take what works for you. What's important is that you know spirituality and manifesting. You have to create your magic sauce, your special recipe. So I am sharing mine and then you can decide if it works for you or not. So the first step in any time that I am intentionally manifesting because we are always constantly manifesting, even if we don't believe that we are our thoughts, conscious and subconscious, are attracting the energies to us. This is why it's important to do mindset work and work on your thoughts, and it's not so that you're always thinking of positive thoughts, it's so that you know what is actually in your subconscious. Most of us, myself included, does not fully know what is in your subconscious. There's no way of knowing until you start to see something coming into your life. For example, more recently I have been encountering white people, people that look Caucasian to me, that have been triggering me, and I have I had not, until this particular moment, I had not like fully paused to think, like, okay, I ran into someone, and not that it's all, it's only been like a specific few. I ran into someone at the dealership who I immediately labeled frat guy and a PTC mom. I don't think I had a label for her, but I just had the thought of like oh, you know, she wants or she thinks in my mind during the situation, she thinks that I'm dumb. Now, these are beliefs that I am working through and it's not that I think I'm dumb. What I think is that certain people who look a certain way may think I'm less than may think that I'm dumb, and some of it has to do with the interactions that I witnessed with my mom as a child. I remember always feeling really angry and vulnerable when I would see people talking to my mom like she was dumb. And now, as an adult and having similar interactions which I'm not saying they were treating me that way I'm saying that it's how I felt and how I was triggered and how I need to start to process those things and to be able to release them. So that's what I mean about the subconscious thoughts that we don't realize are there until we start to see the patterns. So notice the patterns, the people that you're interacting, the situations, even quote unquote bad situations. Are you finding yourself constantly going over budget? Are you finding yourself constantly missing a step in your diet more recently, when you've been doing really well, like you are going to find challenges that pop up when you are ready to face them and your consciousness is at a level that is able to process, handle, manage and move forward. If you choose to, key works, if you choose to. Let's get back to the manifesting steps. I know I keep telling you. You're probably like give them to me already, or maybe not. Maybe you're enjoying all these sidetracks. So this is what happens when I have a loose outline of what I'm going to talk about. Anyway. So manifesting steps these are the steps that I start with cleansing, and I will be doing a part two to do a deep dive on each of these. So I'm not going to do a deep dive right now, but if you have any questions between now and which part between part two comes in, send me a DM on Instagram. I love talking about this stuff. Just be prepared that I may talk and talk. So, manifesting steps First, you need to cleanse. You know I want you guys to think of a garden, or if you were cooking, or if you were about to have a party. What's the first thing that you do to your surroundings? First you clear out the land, first you know, you get to know your surroundings, first you know you clean your house, you clean the kitchen. You need to do a cleanse for yourself, a cleanse of your body, a cleanse of your energy, whatever cleanse you are feeling pulled and called to do, and you can do that in different ways. The only thing that I ask is that you do it in a way that your ancestors did so as not to appropriate anyone else's practices that don't align with you, or that you haven't done the due diligence of understanding where that practice comes from. Now, if you go to a different culture and they teach you how to do something, by all means but I'm saying, just don't follow something you saw online, such as Saging, if you have no idea where that practice comes from. The ancestors that did that. Please don't do it. I mean, that's just the set you know and I understand, because I had done Saging before I done the practice, before I understood where the practice came from. Fortunately for me, it is something that my ancestors did do. It is in my ancestral life and for many of us that are Latinos and I say many of us, it is, but not all of us it's also important to know that, like you know so, the Caribbean didn't use Sage. They use other materials to cleanse. You have to think about where Sage is and who would be using that. So I have to put in that disclaimer because that's really been weighing on me lately and I've been talking about it a lot. So, first thing, cleansing. Cleanse your energy. You can sit now. I have an episode idea, for I need to do a cleansing meditation for you guys, so that you can listen to that too. You can look up a cleansing meditation as well For many one in anywhere that is in an encroaching on anybody. Anybody can do that. So do a cleansing meditation, do any type of cleanse. Another way to cleanse, a simple way, is taking a shower. Take a shower and then step into the rest of the manifesting steps. Do a cleanse, cleanse your energy. Then next step is setting the intention. Take a moment, find some space, make sure that the space that you're in, that you cleanse the energy. You can simply close your eyes, imagine connecting with your higher self, universe, god and then imagine a white light cleansing your surroundings. So you do that. Next thing is you can write it on a piece of paper, you can write it on a digital form of journaling, you can light a candle. However you want to set your intention is up to you. Just make sure that you are consciously setting the intention and saying the outcome that you want. You know, if I'm gonna manifest a higher business revenue from this month to the next month, I would say something like next month is October. Well, or in October, next month is November. At the end of November 30th November 30th, 2023, I have surpassed my monthly revenue by $1,000. You want to make it tangible, or you know? That's just very concrete. If you want to just focus on a feeling, you can also do that. So if you would say, at the end of November 30th, I want to have more peace, I want to feel more peace, I want to feel more freedom, and it's important that you understand, like, how you're setting your intention for the next step. The next step is taking aligned action. When you are taking aligned action, your intention, the intention that you set, is important. It will guide you on what you need to do. So if you have a tangible goal, such as manifesting more money, like I mentioned about the business money go, then you probably need to step more into masculine energy. Now, I said probably, because it's not always. Sometimes it's the opposite, but let's just say that you need to actually take more action to be able to reach a higher revenue goal, to bring in more money. Now I just want to put the caveat out there. You can manifest money without taking physical action. You can do it in other ways. I truly believe in that. I had a story recently where I literally just wrote I manifested an extra hundred dollars in my weekly journal and literally a few days later there was a checkup. My mailbox were hundred dollars that I was not expecting came out of nowhere. I was like, okay, I didn't even remember that. I wrote down I'm gonna manifest a hundred dollars. So you know, pick a small amount, guys, and start like that. I manifested $20, I manifested a coffee, like it helped build that belief in your manifesto. So back to, if it's something that requires you to start making waves and it would be masculine energy, right, you want to focus on a line action, that's movement oriented doing, and this is for my people who maybe don't want to do things. This is not for my people who are always doing things and need some rest. So evaluate your actions. Now. On the flip side, let's say you do want to want to feel more at peace, that you just want to be able to feel more relaxed and feel more joy, then it may mean that you need to take a line action that's aligned with feminine energy. Maybe you need to take time to reflect. Maybe you need to take time to rest intentionally, not just oh it's the end of the day and I have zero energy, so I've been out on the couch for three hours and then go to sleep. That is not resting. That is not intentional rest. That is your body told you you can't do anything else. So we're going to put your body to sleep and you don't want to be doing that because you're just burning yourself out constantly and never getting to a fully charged battery. Think about it that way with the phone, you know you unplug yourself every time you get to 10%. You're just never going to be fully charged. So some of your line action may be in the masculine energy and some of it might be in the feminine energy, and in the next episode I'm going to dive deeper into that and how you can figure out what you need, because I know sometimes it feels like I don't know what to do. Or I'm doing all the things and that things working, or I don't know what to do. Right, the loss and the confusion or I don't have the energy, all of these things. I'll be touching on those in the next episode, so stay tuned for that. But just look up, you know different ways that you can step into your masculine energy, different ways you can step into your feminine energy based on your intention, whatever your intention is, and, of course, you can always sit and meditate and ask for divine guidance. You can use an Oracle deck, you can use a crystal to help you bring in. There's so many tools out there that I will be touching on because, yeah, just diving deeper into the manifesting spiritual practice and leaning more into that to help you guys get more connected with your own spirituality. So I'll review the steps so far, which is cleansing, sending an intention, taking a line to action, and the next step is releasing. Releasing In combination with releasing, and really all of the steps Set a time frame for your manifestation practice. I don't mean a time frame for what you're manifesting. Let's say that, for example, shoot, I am definitely manifesting a million dollars, but I don't know how time frame for when I'm going to do that. But I do have a time frame from when I set cleanse intention to when I close the manifestation. Think of it like when you are doing an order or a project. You can't just leave the project open until it's finalized. You can't just be like, oh yeah, I'm gonna have this plan and never close it out, unless you are intentionally working on the actual plan. But let me not sidetrack us. You need to release the whatever you hold a new back. You need to release that. The universe is sending you your manifestation. You need to release the control. You need to surrender to it happening One with in its own time frame, which is different from the time frame that I'm talking about, and you just have to release that. You don't always have to know how, and that's what manifesting works the most powerfully. So when I wrote down the, I manifested $100. I'm so grateful and then forgot about it. That was me unintentionally releasing that and not over thinking it of like, oh how could I? There's no possible way that I could get $100. Humming and get $100. Nobody owes me $100. And going into that spiral. And when I forgot about it and let it go, and the cosmos saw my request and they looked throughout the universe and then found where, where that money was right, because money is everywhere. Money is unlimited. It's always floating all around us. We just only have the access to the ones that we believe we have access to. So if you believe the only way to make money is through your nine to five, that is how you will receive it. If you believe money comes from everywhere, money will come from everywhere. And yes, I know that having that belief seems a farfetched or like you would love to have that belief, but you can't seem to have it. It takes practice. It takes intentional practice. If you were to listen to the music I listened to on the daily, you would be like she's a little fruit loop. I mean, there's a song that I listen to. It's like I want to sing to y'all but I won't. But let me see, let me see, let me try. What is it? The money? The song is called Everywhere. I think it's by Chloe something, and she says I got money everywhere. Oh my God, that sounds nothing like the song. I'm going to have a better door, hopefully put it in right here so you guys can hear it's a good song, but songs like that, you know. And she says like falling off the trees. Now I want to hear the song. Oh my goodness, let's go back on track. So, cleansing, setting intentions, taking a line action which may be masculine or feminine, energy, movement or reflection, and then you release. And you can do this in one day. Right, you can do it on Sundays, you can do it on Mondays, where you do your manifestation practice and then you release it. And then you need a closing. And this is what I mean by a timeframe where you do a closing. So let's say that you wanted to do these steps over a week. You could do day one, you do a cleanse. Day two, you do the intention setting. Day three, you take a line action. Day four, you start to release. Day five, you do a closing. And by closing I mean, like, you close the chapter, you finish the manifestation, the sense of, like, you think the universe, you thank your ancestors and you release. You know your own ego from this you close it. That is just one way, and again, in part two of this episode I will dive deeper into it and that way you can know what closing is. I know when I did the webinar, a lot of people had a lot of questions about like, how do I close? It can be a simple closing of a journal entry. It could be when your candle finishes. If you do a candle, you can look at your candle and see how the wax belted during this process, and that's a whole other thing. But that's another way when you do your closing practice of what you're going to do. So those are the steps. I want to thank you each for listening. If you would like to learn more about my manifesting and spirituality coaching, send me a DM, go to my bio, click on the link and schedule a discovery call. I'm here to help you not only become a supermanifestor, but connect with your ancestral lineage, your roots, and really connect you with your higher purpose, so that you can manifest everything you want with ease and flow and knowing that you are in divine guidance and alignment. Have a great rest of your day. Thank you for listening to the Manifest your Career podcast. Are you ready to take action today? Visit ManifestYourCareercom to get started and schedule a free discovery call with me and gain clarity today.

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