The Manifesting Latina

Part 2: Manifesting Your Desires: Step by Step Process

October 10, 2023 Norma Reyes, PhD. Season 3 Episode 107
The Manifesting Latina
Part 2: Manifesting Your Desires: Step by Step Process
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Imagine transforming your life, both physical and mental, into a powerful magnet that attracts success and abundance to you. That's what we'll be exploring today with me, your host, Dr. Norma Reyes. I'll guide you through the essential steps of cleansing your space, setting clear intentions, and aligning your actions to significant career breakthroughs. Whether it's decluttering your workspace or calming your mind through meditation, you will discover how these simple practices create the perfect conditions for manifestation.

Have you ever thought of using intention setting as a tool to manifest cash? Well, I did - and ended up with an extra thousand dollars in my pocket within two weeks! Join me as I share this fascinating journey, including the unconventional methods like anointing candles with various oils, and how they were part of this exciting manifestation. We'll also discuss the power of vision boards, the importance of aligned actions and balancing masculine and feminine energies in your manifestation journey. Ready to start manifesting? Tune in and let's manifest your dream life.

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Are you ready to stop feeling stuck, lost or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest your Career Podcast is just right for you. With me, your host, dr Norma Reyes, the Manifest your Career Podcast offers you career advice that integrates your mind, body and spirit. It's time you start listening to your own inner guidance. Learn in each week to learn how to combine your intuition, strategy and logic so that you can manifest a career of your dreams. Hey everyone, welcome back. This is episode 107. It is part two of Manifesting Made Easy, my simple steps that I've created. Remember my magic sauce? If you listen to the last episode, this is what I have found works for me. You can take what works for you and start making your own magic sauce. These are my steps that I believe work. If you do them in this particular order, then I'm going to give you the reasons behind it. Then you can figure out what works for you. Maybe you want to rearrange some of the steps. You repeat some of the steps more often. Really, today's episode is to do a deep dive of the manifesting steps I'm going to talk about and then how you can do it and make it your own. Let's go ahead and do a quick overview of the steps that I recommend taking. You can listen to last week's episode where I go a little bit more into my spiritual journey and how I got to these stops. Of course, maybe in a couple of years from now, I've revamped these steps. Know that. It is fluid. It is what is working for me now and what I am sharing with my clients and everyone on social media. These steps are first a cleansing. You have to cleanse a space. The next step is an intention setting. Set your intentions Similar to goal setting, but a little bit different. Then taking aligned action. Do you need to take masculine energy, action which would be like movement, or do you need it to be more feminine energy, such as reflection and receiving? The last step is releasing. Sometimes this is called surrender and closing. I put releasing and closing together because it can be one in the same, but I am encouraging everyone to actually do a closing in their manifestation. As I go deep into these steps, I will explain that a little further. Let's go ahead and do a deep dive. Step one is all about cleansing. What does that mean? I know when I was having the webinar, people were like what do you mean by cleansing? There are different ways to do cleanses and then there are different parts of you to cleanse. You have to think of mind, body, soul. Those are different ways you can cleanse. And then actual physical space, the space that you are in. So if you are going to be in a particular room, definitely cleanse the room in a way that feels good for you. Right now I have a bunch of clutter in my office. So if I was going to do a manifestation and cleanse this space, I would declutter and put everything where it needs to go and then actually begin the process of my manifestation practice. So first up is cleansing the space that you are going to be in. This might mean decluttering, this might just be cleaning up, this may be sweeping. So, cleanse your physical space. And then you want to cleanse each of the different spaces right in yourself, meaning your mind. Okay, how can you cleanse your mind? You can cleanse it through meditation. You can cleanse it through breathing. You can cleanse it by tuning in with yourself, right, putting your hand on your heart, taking a few breaths and releasing and intentionally setting that you are going to be there in that particular moment. So the first step is cleansing. Right, that could be your mind, it could be your body. Maybe you needed to take a shower before doing this. If you've been at work all day, if you had a busy day, if you've been around people and you can just feel a negative energy around you, you may want to actually do a physical cleanse of yourself, which can be just like a shower. Just take a shower and I am saying a shower, not a bath, because a bath is not a cleanse in the same sense that a shower is right. You can be in your shower, you can envision the water, you know, coming from the top of your head and clearing that energy out, and you can say that, you can intentionally say that the shower is cleansing any negative energy that has on me, any energy that doesn't belong to me. And after you do that cleanse, then you can refresh yourself in that same shower. Right, just take off all the energy and then connect with the water and ask it to give you any energy that you are needing or missing and bring back any pieces of you that you have lost throughout the day, because this happens sometimes. So those are two ways. You don't have to do all of these. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed on what you need to do in regards to cleansing. Maybe clearing out your room and the physical space that you're going to be in is enough and that's it. Definitely only pick one or two that it feels like you need to do, and I don't want you to think that you have to do all of these. These are different ways of cleansing and different ways that you might need to cleanse. Pick the one that feels right to you. So meditation showers you can cleanse this space with an incense, so incense would be considered really good to clear the air, and air energy deals with thoughts, so it could help with releasing some of your thoughts. You can do that intentionally, too. You can actually speak into the incense and say you know, I'm lighting this incense to clear the energy here in this space, in this room, and also to clear any thoughts that are no longer serving me, any thoughts that are holding me back. You're just cleansing the space, cleansing the energy, right, and so another way to do this is by smudging, and there's different materials that you can use for smudging. I highly recommend looking up what is in your area, naturally, that you can use for smudging, and what is also within your ancestral lineage. So I know I talked about this last time, so I won't talk about it too much now. But saging is not an everyone's cultural background and saging sage itself, white sage in particular, grows naturally in Southern California and parts of Mexico. Again, please choose something that aligns with you and your cultural background, your ancestral lineage. Maybe you don't necessarily live in California, but you had family that did or ancestral roots that did. But also just look up other materials that are from your natural area, wherever you're living, and see what cause to you to use as a cleansing smudge. And there are so many ways. These that I'm talking about are only a few ways to cleanse, but you can also use other things that I'm not talking about and I don't go into, like holy water or Florida water, but waters can also be cleansing. So just go ahead and pick something that you like. And if there's something I don't talk about, doesn't mean that you can't use it as a cleanse. It just means that it didn't touch on at this time because there's so many ways to do a cleansing. One of the last things that I'm going to share about cleansing is sound. You can use sound to cleanse the space. You can do this using a singing bow. You can use this with just plain music that is meant to clear the energy. You can find this on Spotify, on YouTube, anywhere. Really, just make sure that you are selecting music that is going to cleanse the energy and look up the frequencies. You can look up frequencies for what you are trying to manifest and that can help cleanse. And this first step doesn't need to be very long. It doesn't need to be drawn out. I want you to feel like, oh my God, I just want to manifest an extra $100. Why do I need to do a 10, 20 minute process for that? And this would be more if you're wanting to manifest something bigger. But the more that you practice manifesting in particular steps, the better that you can get at it, the better you know what works for you, the better you can create your manifesting magical steps and recipe, and then you can go and be a super-manifestor. So step one is a cleanse. It can be as simple as you sitting down, taking a few clearing breaths and clearing your energy and deciding to be present in that moment. It can be that simple. These other options are there when you are needing to cleanse the physical space, your physical energy, your energy within you, your mind, body and soul. So those are different ways to cleanse. Again, pick something simple. If you're new to manifesting, if you want to do a deeper dive into your manifesting practice, definitely consider some of the things that I talked about. The next step is setting an intention. It is so important to set an intention for your manifestation. A lot of times you might see manifestation techniques that aren't necessarily setting an intention. They might just be like oh, write down an affirmation three times a day, six times, each time that you do it. I think there's like the three, six, nine method and all of these things. So affirmations are great, you can use that in the next step. But you want to set an intention. What's your intention? I mean, I want to manifest a thousand dollars. Am I just going to jump into the method without setting an intention? What can that mean? Okay, well, since I shared a thousand dollars, what will a thousand dollars do for me? So that's what I mean when I say set an intention. You are deciding. Why do you want a thousand dollars? I mean, who doesn't want an extra thousand dollars, but why do you specifically want a thousand dollars? So when you are setting an intention, you are matching that vibration of what you are desiring with why you wanted. If you have been struggling to manifest something, you may not have aligned that particular want or desire with yourself, with your vibration as to what is the reason inside of you for wanting that particular manifestation. Yes, everyone would like more money. Sometimes, more money is not the solution to whatever your problem is, and this is why it's so important to set an intention. Because when you set an intention, let's say that the reason I want a thousand dollars is because I want to pay my car insurance bill. Okay, if I set the intention that I would like to manifest an extra thousand dollars to pay for my car insurance bill, that feels overwhelming. And I do this intention and I'm going to give you ways on how you can set intentions to make it more tangible. But let's just go with this. Currently I'm setting the intention in the feeling of like I would like to desire an extra thousand dollars to pay for my insurance and that's I go through my whole steps and my whole process and weeks passed by. Next thing I know is that my insurance bill has dropped down. And if I did the math. Oftentimes we don't do the math when we get savings. But let's say, I do the math and all of a sudden it's a thousand dollars when you add it up and actually, oh my gosh, you know, in reflection it's so funny. That's funny. I love how the universe does these things for us. So I actually did write I wanted to manifest an extra thousand dollars. And it's funny. I brought up this whole car insurance example because when I put down that I wanted to manifest an extra thousand dollars, definitely it was for my bills, because, you know, as an entrepreneur full time, having been the I don't want to say the main provider, because my husband provides for us too, but being the higher earner, I guess it's the more accurate term. Being the higher earner meant that my business needed to make sure it and it was covering our expenses the same way that it was before. And so two weeks ago yeah, two weeks ago I had wrote down I'm going to manifest an extra thousand dollars. And when I'm manifesting small amounts of money and I know a thousand dollars is not a small amount, but when I'm working to manifest extra money, I'm not necessarily following these steps. These are for bigger things, but in my mind when I wrote that down. The reason I would like an extra thousand dollars is so that we can feel more relaxed, we can feel free and feel like I'm having to constantly make money, because that's not a good energy to be in and feel in and you know it's not flowy. So I wrote that down in a sense of so we can have relief in regards to paying our bills. Now, as I'm reflecting on this, I had not taken the time to be like, oh, did I manifest an extra thousand dollars in that timeframe? And now, as I'm talking to you guys, yes, I did, and I did in the way that I'm talking to you all about the car insurance. So I traded in my Audi for a minivan and I was a little disappointed because my goal in trading it in was also to lower our car payments, or car payments to get lower by about $50, which again, I was hoping to really lower the car bill. I'm talking like a hundred, like at least $200, right, I was hoping, but it didn't happen. So of course I was a little disappointed with the $50, but hey, $50 loss is $50 less. What I hadn't thought about, or I kind of had thought about, but not the role we was that our car insurance would go down, which it did, and when I was looking ahead into the future of like when the bills right, it gave me a summary of like how much the bill would be for October, november, december, january, and the amount for this month was the same and then the amount for November was going to be $100 less and right now it's like $450. Our car insurance is high because we have a teenager. Before that our car insurance used to be like $150 and we added her and it was like $500 for the first month and yeah, anyway, it was insane, but it's gone down. I've done different things to work on getting more savings for us in that. So this is where I'm heading myself, and more такойna and going to know more Back to the insurance. So for November it dropped down another $100. So it's gonna be like 300 something. And then December, january and I think the month after that it said it was gonna be $5. I was like what this is real, somebody pranking me. It's just like a computer glitch error. And the reason is because I had already paid more in insurance with the Audi than with the new vehicle, which is a minivan. So if I add up the numbers right Remember I said the amount was 455. If I add the numbers, even just for those three months, it's at least $1,000, at least Okay. So now remember, you might do some of these stops and not actually realize that you are doing them. You might just be like, oh, okay, and when I got to manifest this extra money or manifest that thing I wanted, I actually did follow some of these steps without realizing it. Okay. So step two is intention setting. How do you wanna set your intention? There's different ways, right, like I talk about taking time to journal and then writing out what it is that I'm manifesting, so one way that you can also manifest an intention or set an intention for your manifesting is lighting a candle. You can do the candle in two ways. You can do the candle in the sense of, like use a small candle that you're going to leave on. There's the saint candles. You can find them at Walmart or anywhere else, any grocery store. You can find them at Botanica. If one's nearby, you can buy wherever. I would just say you know, start off with a plain white candle, unless you wanna look up and see what kind of intention, what color, goes with the intention that you are wanting. So with the candles, you can anoint the candles with different oils. You'll have to look up to see what oils work best for what you are trying to manifest. And when you are doing this, you are putting those intentions and the oils in the candle. Just make sure that when you are dressing your candle because that's what it's called when you are adding oils to it or anything else sometimes people add herbs and spices Just know that a candle is flammable, right, oils are flammable. Make sure that you're not overdoing it. You don't need to bathe the candle in all of these different oils. Literally a drop can help. And this is if you feel called to light a candle. You don't always have the light a candle. When I wrote down the manifest $1,000, I didn't light a candle or anything. I just did my weekly you know review of my week and then of my upcoming week and what I was looking to manifest that particular week. So you can then use a candle, light the candle with your intention behind it and you can leave the candle on. I particularly when I leave a candle on, I don't feel safe in leaving it in my office space, which is where I normally have it. So what I'll do is I'll take it and I'll put it in our master bedroom I mean our master bath and place it in there and then move it again in the daytime so that it's with me in my office. You don't have to move it, you can light it and keep it in your bathroom if you feel safer there. I just say that. You know, put it somewhere where you feel safe to have it lit. So candles is one way. If you don't want to leave it on, you can turn it on using a snuffer. Some people think blowing the candle kind of takes the intention off of it. You could do it either way, whatever you feel aligns with you, just when you light it again, put your intention in it again. When you do this, it might take, you know, seven to 10 days for the candle to completely finish. So that's how you can use candles. Candles are probably should be their own episode at some time in the future, because there's so much you can do with candles and so much you can learn and understand from candles. So I'll do that later, but definitely if you feel like, oh, I would love to have a candle, especially if you are needing motivation, inspiration since it's fire it will, you know, kind of help with that as well. So, again, candles should be its own episode. Another way to set an intention after doing your cleansing is just simply using a journal. You can use a journal that you specifically use for manifestations. You could use a journal that you use daily. Really it's whatever it's you would like it to do. Really it's whatever you would like it to be. So another way that you can set intentions to really make your manifestations powerful is using monology or astrology, depending on what it is that you are trying to manifest into your life, or release, because sometimes we are releasing and that is our manifestation right Releasing self doubt, releasing guilt, releasing negative emotions. So new moons are a good time to set goals, something that you wanna bring into your life, and full moons are a good time for release, a good time to let go, a good time to make it clear what you need less of in your life. So a full moon, and anytime after a full moon, before the new moon, is a good time to release, reflect, and the new moon and up into the full moon is a time to plant seeds and plant things that you are trying to work on right Active think of active energy and after the full moon it's inactive and more rest. So then there's also personal days. There's days that may work better for you than someone else's, and I'm gonna go into these quickly, because otherwise we will be here for a super long episode again. So Sundays are good for Leo energy and I'm saying Leo energy because even if you aren't a Leo, you can still use Sundays for these particular energies. So Sundays are good for Leo energy. This is when you can prioritize creativity, set new goals, bask in your inspiration and optimism for your intention. So if you're wanting to maybe manifest more creativity, you might then do your intention setting on a Sunday. Mondays are a great day to nurture your cancer energy. Okay, so these are your goals Energy. Okay. So these are your emotions recharging, focusing on self-care, because Mondays are ruled by moon and moon is all about emotions and our internal emotional heart space. So Mondays are a great time for anything dealing with that. Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, which is Aries and Scorpio energy, so it's a great time to kickstart a project, a great time to set an intention about new projects. Aries energy embraces excitement and Scorpio energy is all about commitment and committing to things, so that's a great time to set an intention for that. Wednesdays are Gemini and Virgil energy. Oftentimes we don't think about them being together, but they're both ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication, and so Wednesdays are good for communication, planning those types of things. You can write down ideas using Gemini energy and you can stay organized using Virgil energy. Thursdays my favorite day. Thursdays are ruled by the planet of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism and, if you can't guess, rule is Sagittarius and Pisces, and so it's a great time to bring in optimism and expansion, but also connecting with your spiritual side and taking time to step back and looking at the bigger picture and appreciating your journey so far, so you can use those energies for those types of intentions. And then Fridays are ruled by Venus, and that's Taurus and Libra energy, so you can work on stability, and that's Taurus energy, earth energy, and then you can enjoy social vibes like Libra. So that's for Fridays. And then Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Saturn gets such a bad rep, but Saturn is to get planet to be structured and organized, and that's Capricorn and Aquarius energy, and so you can use Saturdays to organize, plan, finish your week and set the stage for the next one, and so you can use that energy for those days. Okay, now let's get back to the steps. I swear this could all be its own thing, but okay. Step two is intention setting, and other ways that you can set intentions is creating altars. You can go back and listen to the episode about altars, because that one in itself goes into a deep dive. Let me go look that up and see what episode that is for you guys, for anybody that is interested. Okay, episode 105. So yeah, just a few episodes ago. You can create an altar for your intention. You create an altar for your manifestation, whatever you are trying to bring in and call into your life. You can go listen to that, and that talks all about how to start creating an altar. Then, vision boards are also a great way to set an intention, because then you are putting those ideas that you want to come to life into physical form, which means it could be on your phone, you can print it out however it feels, but you can actually see it with your eyes and in your mind's eye. Your mind does not know what is real and what is not, and so by creating a vision board. It tells it what you are wanting to bring into your life. It's like when you buy a new vehicle or you buy a new outfit, something, and you start to see everybody else that has those particular shoes or car model and you're like, oh, now I just see it everywhere. Well, it's always been there, but you told your mind's eye that you really like that particular car or you really like those particular shoes and that's why you keep seeing them. Now to step three, and that is aligned action. So there are two types of energy. There is masculine and feminine energy. So I like to talk about both of them, because sometimes we need more masculine energy and sometimes we need more feminine energy. Each of us leans on one of them more than the other. I know for myself, I lean into the masculine. You know, for you it might be masculine, for you it might be feminine, and then you might feel like I don't know which is which, but don't worry, we'll get there. So, aligned action you have to know what you're manifesting, right, you have to know what your intention is and you have to know, okay, what action do I need to take next? If I go back to the $1,000 example, I knew that I didn't want to be doing, meaning masculine energy. I knew that I didn't want to feel the pressure of having to figure out where $1,000 would come from. So I definitely was stepping more into the feminine energy, which is more about surrender, receiving flowing, and less action, more resting. Let's say that I wanted to lose 10 pounds. Well, being in the feminine energy of wanting to lose 10 pounds would not really work, because I actually have to do something, unless you are like overdoing it, right, and you need rest. So it's really about figuring out what is the best next step for you. So I'm just gonna say what they, what each of them would be, and then follow your intuition. Okay, you know what's best for you, you really do, and the more that you tune in with what you believe you need to take the next step you need to take, the more that you will begin to have faith in your ability to manifest. And remember you're always manifesting, always, even if you feel like you're not. It's really just that the intuitive side of ourselves, especially for women, has been pushed aside. So, aligned action if you are needing to bring in the masculine energy, which is movement and action, you can do this. You can start bringing this in by planning right, that's the most masculine thing, planning and doing. And then let's say that it doesn't require planning and you're not really sure what you physically need to do in regards to what you're trying to manifest. You can then just add movement in different ways. You can have a walking meditation. If you've never heard about walking meditation, now you have, and you can find them on Spotify and everywhere else. And then other types of movements are exercises. You can do yoga sequence. You can look up yoga sequences that align with what you are trying to manifest, because it is connecting your mind, body and spirit with that frequency, with that energy. So look that up and then see okay, I want to bring more abundance, I want to bring more love, I want to bring more peace, and look up those yoga sequences, okay. So yoga sequences, exercise planning, walking meditations, anything that involves doing, anything that means that you are actually doing something. That is masculine energy, that is movement. You intentionally moving when you are manifesting. I want you to envision a river and when you are in masculine energy, you are going with the direction of the river in your body and you're moving. Okay, and so you're actually ahead of someone else who would just be floating, but I mean, sometimes the current's faster anyway. But anyway, we won't go there, we'll just talk about that. When you are in masculine energy, you are moving faster than someone that would just be floating, and floating would be more feminine energy. Which takes me to a line of action with feminine energy. Feminine energy would be intentional rest, meaning that you are floating down the river versus actively moving down the river. So you can do reflection, intentional rest through journaling, meditation, affirmations and we talked about you know you can bring affirmations and affirmations would be because you are bringing in that energy but you aren't actively doing. Okay, so anything that involves receiving is feminine energy. Anything that involves rest, anything that involves surrendering, that would be aligned action, right. So sometimes you need to be in that feminine energy. I talked about the river being faster, right, sometimes if we were to flow with the river versus trying to do and walk in that river downstream and we just allowed ourselves to surrender with feminine energy, down the river faster, right Down the river, getting our manifestation faster. So I want you guys to think about what it is that you need to do when you know what is what you are needing, what is ringing true for you, and it's going to be different for each manifestation, right, there are times that I have worked on manifesting $1,000, and I was doing a lot and I manifested those $1,000 and they took 21 days, versus this time that I was very much in the side of like. I just wanted to come to me. I don't care how it comes, just come. I'm open to receiving and it's very different energies and when you are learning about manifesting, you might be more on the masculine energy side, because that's what we've been taught and trained to do, conditioned to think that you have to do to receive when, in reality, if we step into that feminine energy, it will just come to us. So step four, the last step, is releasing and closing the manifestation. This does not mean that your manifestation will, that you're putting a deadline. Never put a deadline on your manifestation. Ask for what you are asking for, and then you can end it with this or something better. This will come to me when it is the right time. Oftentimes, if something's not manifesting, I will say that it is you who is resisting it. Much like I mentioned, when I first started manifesting, I was definitely in that masculine energy of like, how am I just going to come through? How is it going to unfold? What do I need to do? How can I get this to get done? And that type of energy can be resisting the flow and actually slow down the manifestation. So if you are finding yourself like just feeling anxious about the doing, then it's time for you to step into that feminine energy, because what is happening, instead of being in flow which, when you are in the doing masculine energy and it's aligned with what you need to do it's going to feel motivating and inspiring. So if you are doing things and it doesn't feel motivating or inspiring, it's time for you to go and step into that feminine energy of intentional rest, surrender, releasing and relaxing. Okay, so that's how you know. Now, if you are in the feminine energy and you're sitting on your couch and you're just like, hmm, I don't want to do anything. You know who cares about this manifestation. I know it'll come, but it's kind of like that lazy energy that like, hmm, I need to do this, but I don't want to, then you have to ask yourself okay, is this really feminine energy? Is this really release, is this really surrender, or am I really just procrastinating on something that I need to do, or am I afraid to manifest what I want because it means XYZ? So definitely reflect on that and see what it is that you need to do. So, when you are releasing your manifestation and completing the cycle because you've done a cleanse, you've set the intention, you're taking a line to action. You want to close the manifestation request, right? You think of it like an order. You wouldn't just put everything in your cart and then just leave it there and hope that it's going to show up at your front door. You actually have to close and submit the order. So think of that this way for the manifesting. You submit it, you release it out to the ethos and you get your order. Okay, so you can do this by having a gratitude ceremony, taking a moment to thank the universe. You can have a closing prayer. You can do this by surrendering right, but an intentional surrounding, like, okay, I'm letting go of the how, I'm letting go of everything that is holding me back and getting this manifestation, and then you know, just close it out. Then you can also use the full moons energy for that. If you're using moonology or astrology, you can take that time to just be like, okay, I'm going to use this energy to close out and release and know that the universe is sending me my manifestation, whether it's going to be within the time frame I would like, but divine timing is always right. And I add that because last year in the summer like so, summer of 2022, I had written down that I wanted three paid speaking engagements and then I just I wanted them that year, in 2022. They didn't happen. And then I was obviously disappointed. But it's four to like February 2023, three paid speaking engagements just came. I didn't have to do anything for them Not, I didn't have to do anything to them, I wasn't actively working on that, but it was something that I did desire and I myself, my energy, my thinking, were finally in the alignment to receive. So when they came, they felt so magical. But then I'm like, oh yeah, this is what I was trying to manifest, like nine months ago. And why didn't it happen over those nine months? Take back to reflect. When you have something like that happen, ask yourself where am I today, that I wasn't nine months ago, that I could have done better for my future manifestations? What was I doing? And I was probably in the overthinking, probably in the overdoing, not enough rust, not enough faith in the ability of me to be able to manifest these things, and maybe I would also was on the other side, right, maybe I wanted to have paid speaking engagements, but I wasn't doing anything, I wasn't connecting with people, I wasn't telling anybody that I was looking for speaking engagement. So it could. It could be a lot of different things and it takes time to reflect on that. So, close your manifestation. You can decide you do that all in the same day, right? You can do all of these steps in one day. You can do the steps over a couple of days, you can do it over a week. All I say is to make sure that you set a timeframe for how long you're going to take for your manifestation, and this is not in regards to when it's going to come to you, but how long you're going to take to focus your energy on this particular manifestation that you want to bring into your life. Again, it could be you take an hour and you do these four steps, or you take each of the steps each day, or over a lunar cycle. You could start it with the new moon and then hit in the full moon phase, whatever works for you, whatever you feel is going to get you into being that energy that you need to be. But these are the stops that I take, that I am teaching to my clients to do, and figuring out what works for them. Right, because these are the steps that I recommend. But you might take them in a different order, you might add extra stops that I didn't include in there, and really the only way to know what's going to work for you is by trying these things out and just doing them. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The reason for having a process is to give yourself a way to make it more organized, versus just picking up some random, trendy Instagram manifestation tool without actually creating a practice for yourself, something that spiritually lines with you, with your ancestors, and all does a great, wonderful magic already inside of you. That's it for today. I will definitely be diving deeper into each of these. No worries, if there's one in particular that you want to hear more about, send me a DM on Instagram. I would love to put more of what you are wanting out there and not just what I think you guys need to hear. So make sure that you are sending your suggestions to me. You can email me at manifestyourcareeratoutlookcom with your podcast episodes, suggestions. If you want to dive deeper in creating your manifestation process. You want to work with me. I'm here, I'm available. Schedule discovery calls. Send me a DM. I would love to be part of your manifesting journey. All right, I will chat with you guys next week. Thank you for listening to the Manifest your Career podcast. Are you ready to take action today? Visit manifestyourcareercom to get started and schedule a free discovery call with me and gain clarity today.

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