The Manifesting Latina

Building Belief to Unlock the Power of Manifestation

December 05, 2023 Norma Reyes, PhD. Season 3 Episode 115
The Manifesting Latina
Building Belief to Unlock the Power of Manifestation
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You're worthy of your deepest desires, and I'm here to help you believe it! 

Listen to this episode to learn how and  I'll help you unlock the potent power of belief, driven by desire, and show you how failure is just a stepping stone to success. 

Let the law of oneness guide you as you uncover your own worthiness and ability to receive what you yearn for. 

Listen to this episode to learn how rituals aren't just about incense and meditation mats; they are powerful tools for solidifying belief. 

And how do you create a ritual that feels authentically you? Dr. Reyes shares techniques ranging from meditations and affirmations to the magic of crystals and oracle cards. 

These daily practices are your keys to reinforcing your belief in your potential and capacity to manifest your dreams. Tune in and let your soul resonate with the profound and accessible power of manifestation. You've got this, you can manifest your dream life. 

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the Manifesting Latina Podcast, where you'll learn to unlock your incredible power of manifestation and connect deeply with yourself. I'm Dr Norma Reyes, your guide and host, helping you manifest a life filled with purpose, abundance and inner wisdom. Together, we'll dive into the art of manifestation, practical techniques, personal growth and the magic of aligning with your deepest desires. No more feeling stuck or disconnected. It's time to awaken your inner manifester, embrace your spirituality and create a life that truly resonates with your soul. Tune in each week to the Manifesting Latina Podcast and begin to manifest your dream life. Hey everyone, welcome back. This is episode 115, and today I will be talking all about building belief, and this actually came up a lot during my webinar last week. Manifesting made easy and if you missed it, don't worry, because I will be having one in the future and for this month of December, I'm actually going to be hosting a free manifesting challenge. So make sure that you join my email list, you get on my Facebook and that you don't miss out on your chance to make manifesting easy, because that's all anybody wants, right? Who wants to have to struggle? It's important that you are in flow. So during my webinar, it came up a lot that people were like how do you build belief? Because I talked about the three key things that you need, so I wanted to make sure that I touched on it on this episode, to help you guys out, to help everyone that is struggling to build belief in what you are manifesting. Building belief is like building confidence it is built on taking inspired action and you can use desire to help you drive your action. If your belief is low, then it's time to lean on your desire of what you are wanting to manifest into your life. Hopefully your desire is high Now. If you're like I want to do this but I'm not really sure, then you know it may not be something that you actually want to manifest and you need to take a step back and reflect on that. Is it really something that you want to manifest? Is it an expectation from yourself that you put on yourself? Is it something that you thought you always wanted and maybe now you don't? So, really, that'll give you an idea if it's something that you actually want to manifest. But let's say that you have a really strong desire to manifest something. You can take a moment right now to think about that, one thing that you know you want to manifest, but you don't have a strong belief in. Think about that throughout this whole episode. Because you are thinking about it, ask yourself where am I in regards to self doubt? Where am I in my belief of this? So, if you have a really strong desire, there should be this passion of like. I really, really want this and I want you to lean into that and think about how you can allow your desire that strong desire of what you were wanting to bring into your life to then drive your actions. Because if you listen to last week's episode, the three things that I talk about about that you need to manifest are belief, desire and vibration, and this will help you manifest 10 times faster. So belief plus desire equals your vibration. And what does vibration mean? It means how you show up. It means the actions that you are taking, and if you have low belief and low desire, you're going to have the actions that reflect that right. You're going to be low vibe. And then, if you have strong belief and strong desire, you're going to be high vibe in the sense of like. Your actions are going to align with what you want to manifest. So this past week's episode centered on those three. Now back to more about building belief in yourself, in what you're manifesting and your ability to manifest. So the first thing I wanted to talk about is the law of oneness. If you've never heard of the law of oneness, it is one of the spiritual laws that is out there. You probably have heard about the law of attraction, the law of oneness. It says that we are all one. We were all created equally. We're all made from the same materials. Now, this is not saying that we are all the same, but using this law of oneness to build belief is taking the principle that knowing that what is for one is for all, meaning if you have seen someone else with the success that you're desiring, then the success you want to manifest means you can have it too. You are worthy of having that same manifestation, because what is for one is for all. And maybe you've never seen anyone that looks like you, exactly, that has manifested what they or what you are wanting to desire. But you can find someone in this world that has manifested what you are desired. Now, if you are coming up with something new and a new invention, then I can understand like not feeling like oh well, how am I going to do this. Well, there's been a lot of things that have been invented in this world that didn't exist before. So there's your proof in the pudding, right, like there's so many things, everything this phone technology and so many new innovations that are constantly happening, and you have to think about how many failures had to happen to get there. So the law of oneness just reminds you that what is for one is for all, meaning that you are worthy of it and that you can have this. So that can help you build that belief. Lean on that, remind yourself when that self doubt creeps in, telling you like who do you think you are to manifest this? Or you've never heard of anyone manifesting something like that, then you can tell yourself or remind yourself. Okay, let me lean into this law of oneness, because what is for one is for all. I have kids, so it's easy for me to kind of think about that too, like what I would buy for one, for what I would show up with one, I would do it for all. And you could take that same type of thinking if you believe in God, if you believe in the universe. You know the universe wouldn't discriminate on who is worthy, who is enough for what they desire. Right, we are the children of the universe. We are the children of God. However, you want to use that to help empower you to build that belief. And again, I like to think about my own kids, like what I would do for one, I would do it for all of them. And if I'm not going to do it for one, then I'm not going to do it for all of them. Right, like the same, the same thing. So another fun way to think about building belief starting to believe more in what you want to manifest that it's actually coming is by looking at driftwood. I've mentioned this before in some past episodes, but if you haven't ever heard me talk about it before, driftwood is looking for signs that what you are desiring is on its way to you. Right, what you are wanting to manifest is coming into your life, and you can make this a game. You can say hey universe, hey God, whatever words you want to use, show me this, right. And of course, you want to. You want to be playful with it, but you don't want to become obsessive with it either. So it's a balance Allow it to come naturally to you, but then also look for signs as well. So the concept of driftwood I actually got from one of Gabby Bernstein's books. She's a big spiritual guru about different things, about how to attract what you are desiring, and so she talked about driftwood and I had talked about it with one of my really good friends, and so anytime that I think of the word driftwood, or I see it anywhere, it reminds me of the book, it reminds me of my friend in the conversations that we've had, right, then really lifts me up, right, even as I speak, at my face and my cheeks are lighting up and thinking about driftwood. So driftwood, if you think about a river, you may see a few like rocks or what comes down, like in the storm. Right, when you think of a storm, you start to see the driftwood. You may only see a little bit at first, but then later you can see the big chunks of all the debris that is coming down the river. And so when you use that theory right, like, oh, this driftwood is coming, see it as signs that what you're desiring is coming your way. And this may look like someone else having what you are desiring. This might look like you running into a complete stranger that tells you that they share what it is that they currently are doing or having, or something that aligns with what you are wanting to manifest. Right. Take those as signs that what you are desiring is coming to you instead of, you know, maybe having some sort of negative feelings about it. And if you do, you know, witness your feelings, witness your emotions of how you are feeling about this driftwood. Right these signs and then process those. It's super important that you process your emotions and it's so important to release that, because those types of feelings that you hold within you resentment, bitterness, envy, those those are feelings that do come up because we are human. But it's important to reflect and release on them and remind yourself like forgive yourself and really be gentle with yourself for having those feelings. Oftentimes we feel those because we feel like, oh, I can't have that. If you have feelings of resentment, it could have been expectations that you had of others, of yourself, and then you're having these negative feelings. So super important to just process them, feel them, reflect them and then let them go so that they're not stuck on you, stuck energy that is preventing you from being in flow, that is preventing you from moving forward. So the next way that you can help yourself and build in belief is pulling from past experiences. In the beginning I talked about this. If you have desire, if you have this desire, this goal, this wish, then it's meant for you. If no one has ever told you that what you are wanting to manifest is a possibility for you, I'm here to tell you that yes, it is. Yes, it is. It is meant for you. If it is in your heart, it is meant for you. The seeds were planted by you. You right Yourself, your higher self. If you believe in God, in God, the universe, and that means that they are meant for you. You just need to believe that they are meant for you and step into that. And what does that look like? Who do you need to become to manifest this? So, as you are pulling from past experiences, then you might be struggling to think of one or two things that you cannot believe you achieved. So I want you to think about one or two things in the past that you're like there's no way I can do this that you actually then achieved. It may have taken you very long. Sometimes we look at someone's life and we see how their life is going and we see the things that they have manifested and we think like dang, everything comes to that person easy. Oftentimes I use like getting my PhD. I started my PhD program in 2014 and I finished in 2019 and during that time I had a lot of things going on in my life. I didn't pause my life and getting a PhD was something that I wanted since I was 10 years old and I believed that I was gonna have a PhD. I was gonna earn my PhD. I had no idea what it was to get a PhD at that time and I'm 10. I just know that I read a lot of books and I saw that the authors had a PhD and so I wanted to have a PhD. So, if you think about from 10 years old till about 30, that's 20 years of building belief. So when it came to actually applying to a PhD program and I applied to one I had built a really strong belief that I was gonna get into a PhD program. Mind you, I didn't take any of the stats of like how likely you are to get accepted. I was just like I'm applying here, this is where I'm going and this is where I'm getting in. So I did, and then it was just like when I was in the PhD program, I saw it a lot different than some of my peers. There was a lot of hoops we had to jump. There was a lot of things. It didn't make sense to us as students. It didn't make sense to us as adults trying to grow and be doctoral students and become and earn our PhD. For me, because I had been building belief for 20 years, I didn't care about any of that. All I cared about was the end game. All I cared about was finishing what I wanted to get, which was the PhD. And so it was like ask what you need and I will do it and I will keep going and going until I'm done. And I did, despite doing all the things they told us not to do that it would slow us down, which was like getting married and having kids, getting a promotion. You know, I did all of those different things they told us not to do, but I still completed my PhD in a reasonable amount of time five years and I commuted, I breastfed all of those things and I share that because I want you to know that, even though it felt easy, it felt easy because I just believe that if I kept going and I would earn my PhD. If I kept doing what I needed to do, I would earn my PhD. Now, if you've ever been in a program where you have to write a dissertation and you're on your own, that's probably one of the most difficult parts, and I remember just being very tired at the end when I had already collected all of the data and I was just writing my conclusion and I was really just like I just want to be done with this part, and that's when you have to lean on support from others, which is the next thing I'm going to share on how to build belief. So, but before I move on from pulling back experiences, I want you to think about one or two times that you had build belief in yourself, had build belief in what you were wanting to manifest and bring into your life what you wanted to achieve, and begin to pull from that experience. Like, what did you have to do to achieve it? To achieve my PhD, I already had a super strong belief that I was going to do it right 20 years of belief there, and so what did I have to do? I had to just keep showing up. Yet who did you have around you? I had to have people that supported me. I had to have people who believed in my vision to get my PhD. I had to have people who were okay with me being different. And then what mindset did I have to have? My mindset was I want this, I'm going to do this. I know that there's going to be stuff that doesn't make sense, that they're going to request of me. I even had to redo my comps. Right, I had to redo my dissertation writing. I had to change my dissertation title after my defiance, you know, and I could have easily been like no, because sometimes some students feel very strongly about what they've written. But my mindset was I'm going to do what I need to do to be done so that I can get my PhD. It wasn't like the title was the mountain I was going to die on, like that, was not it for me. Not saying that it's not okay because everyone is different, but for me, being done was the end goal, and so this is why getting support from like-minded people that help support you and believe in you and what you are trying to create and manifest is so important. Now you might run into the issue where maybe family and friends don't understand. I mean, I definitely had a lot of family and friends that didn't understand Mostly family, I would say. I don't think I had many friends that didn't understand the PhD thing. Most of my friends actually were very supportive and always cheering me on, and especially when I was feeling like I don't think I'm very smart for this, and it's like what are you talking about? You know, you need sometimes a friend to slap some sense in you, and it's really family who I had to kind of navigate those judgments of like, oh, you're still in school, right, I remember like after a year or two it's like you're still in school. And it's like what do you mean? It's only been two years. Do you know how long it takes to get your PhD? And obviously they did it. But in my mind it was just that constant like, oh my gosh, I'm going to go see this person, I'm going to go see this family and they're going to first thing they're going to say is like, oh, you're still in school. Yes, I'm still in school, yes, anyway, also, I also want to share something that I haven't really shared. My ex, before I met my husband, actually left me because they said they didn't want to be with me if I wanted to get my PhD. For them that was a deal breaker, because apparently, me getting my degrees because they were with me as I got my master's degree was too much on them and I was like, okay, bye. We were in relationship for a very long time and I just was like, okay, like, if that's your deal breaker, you don't believe in me, you don't have faith in me, or it was maybe not even that. Maybe they just didn't want to go through it. You're not the person for me. You know, and unfortunately that is what happens sometimes. It's like we have to let go of some people in our lives. My family member who told me you know, constantly asked me are you still in school? It's not a person that I talked to anymore, and it took many, many years before I was ready to let go of that. And I'm not saying that that's something you need to do, but know that there are people that maybe don't support you and you got to either just create some space between you and them so that you can start building belief in yourself. Right, because every time it came to like family events, it came to holidays, I was something that I always had to face of like. Oh, you know, and it's not even that I felt the need to defend myself. It was just the exhaustion and lack of understanding, the lack of support, lack of excitement from my own family and what I was trying to achieve for myself. And when I did finish in 2019, you know, the people who really cared about me and really supported me were there for me, were there for my graduation and everything. So find like-minded people. If you don't have that for yourself, find like-minded people, find a community that is going to support you and believe in you, believe in what you are trying to manifest, so that you can have something to lean on when you are tired, because you're going to get tired, especially if you're manifesting something big. If it's something small, maybe you don't need as much as like a cheerleading team or support team, but I'm talking about the big manifestations, like currently, where I'm trying to expand is for my business to get to multiple six figures, and to do that I need a support system, one. I need people that I can look up to and be like oh look, if they're doing it, right back to the law of oneness I talked about earlier. If they're doing it, then I can do it too. And then not only that, but I can share my feelings of what I feel like and they can then tell me what they felt like you know, and then kind of creating that safe space for yourself of supportive people that not only support you but know what you are going through, because that it can be so, so, so valuable. So the next thing I wanted to talk about is creating an intentional belief ritual. So if you are still like I can't all of these things, then it's time you create a belief ritual. Before I dive into what that could look like for you, I'm going to recap on the different ways that you can build belief so that you can manifest faster. One is leaning on the law of oneness right, the law of oneness, talking about what is for one is for all. So if you see someone else with what you are wanting, what you are desiring, then you can also have that as well. And it'll start building belief by looking at the signs around you, the driftwood, or that the manifestation is coming. Holding from past experiences of times that you manifested something that no one believed in but yourself. Right, that your desire was so strong that you just knew was something you were going to obtain, receive, attract whatever it was right, start to pull from those. You could even create a journal that just has that full of that right. And then again, the last thing I just touched on was getting support from like-minded people. Finally, the last thing I want to share with you all is starting an intentional belief ritual, and this is meaning like you are in. You can do this daily, you can do it every few days, but where you start to create belief in yourself, belief in what you are wanting to manifest, believe that it is possible. So and you can design it any way that you want I'm just going to share different ways that you can do it right. You can listen to meditations that focus on building belief and help you connect with your desire, because the more you connect with your desire, the stronger that your belief will become, because they will feed off of each other, and then you will become and be more in alignment and be in that vibration that you need to be to manifest what you are desiring. The other way is listening to affirmations, affirmations that help you build belief. I actually have two episodes and I will probably be doing another one here soon on building belief. One of them is for affirmations for more confidence. That's episode 87. And then episode 103, which is affirmations for manifesting and grounding. But by listening to affirmations you are helping support your mind in the fact of the belief that you're trying to build right. And so another thing, another way that you can build belief is using crystals. Everything is a vibration, everything is an energy. Everything that exists carries its own signature energy. So you can get crystals that are supportive of what you are designed to attract right, like here. I have a sunstone. Sunstones are great for confidence in building you up. Now you can then also pick any crystal. I have a clear quartz crystal here. Clear quartz is actually really good for everything, and then you can put your energy. You can actually use the crystal while you meditate. You can carry the crystal with you to help you build belief right. First, you can put your intention into the crystal and ask it for its support, and it won't then give you its support and healing. Whenever you feel like maybe the energy has died down, then you can also redo the intention with it. You can meditate with it as well, and it will absorb those energies which you can then carry with you as well. So some crystals that do help with confidence and belief are sunstone, like I mentioned. There's hematite, which actually I have that on my bracelet here. It kind of looks like a black, silverish color and then there's moonstone, there's agate, there's amethyst I don't have any on my desk right now and Amazon night it's actually one of my favorites, but I don't have it here, it's actually in my bedroom and then you can also use cow side. I actually have a blue cow side right here and this helps with protection as well. This one here I actually have in my crystal shop. I haven't talked about my crystal shop in a while, mostly because I haven't been focusing on it. If you're interested in the crystal, I do have this in my crystal shop. I don't have all of my crystals on there, so there's a particular crystal that you are looking for. You can ask me via DM. So cow side, pyrite, red jabs for all crystals, and you can look them up online on Google. Just look up crystals that build belief, or crystals that help build attract what you are manifesting, and also crystals that can help build confidence. So, as you are creating this belief ritual talked about meditation, affirmations using crystals you can also use candles. So I actually have this candle from a small business she's also Latina, it's called ambitious vibes, and the candle here that I have it says brave. So she has a lot of different ones and so for me, I knew that I was going to be leaving my nine to five and this one really spoke to me about being brave, right. So every time I light the candle it is just reinforcing that and building that belief in myself, believing in what I'm trying to manifest, believe in what I am attracting into my life. So by having candles, you are then putting in so much intention, right, and that belief ritual for yourself. So you can get candles that have something on them. You can get plain candles that don't have anything, and then you can actually just write on the candle jar right, where you can speak over it and give it that intention every time you light it. Another way to build that belief ritual for yourself is by pulling cards from an Oracle deck. Now, this can be any type of Oracle deck. When I started with my Oracle decks, I started with very, very simple decks, actually started with like a chakra deck actually have a couple cards here, and it was a very, very, very simple deck. I probably got it from like five below. You know it wasn't anything special, but it has the chakras on there and it actually is just affirmation. So this one here talks about being selfless. I am kind to awe, I am aware that everything I do or Stay affects others. Right, so you can pull a card to help support you when you are feeling challenged. Right, or just as a ritual for yourself in building belief every day. You can pull a card Every day you can light a candle or work with the crystals, energy affirmations or a meditation. Right, that is creating a belief ritual for yourself, a belief routine to help you build belief when you're feeling low in your belief. Some other decks that I have and you can find decks that are cover anything and everything, really. So this one here it's called divine beloved. I like this one because it is based on change me prayers, tasha Silver. She has a really great book. One of the books that I like from her is called it's not your money. I highly recommend that book if you are wanting to let go of Money in the sense of it being the root of all evil and seeing money as more divine. There's also this deck that I like to pull cards from every once in a while. That talks about raising your vibration, by Kyle Gray, and it's really just a way to then connect with yourself. How can I raise my vibration to be able to bring in what I want to manifest, to be more in alignment with what I am manifesting? Recently I just got this one it's called the healing spirits Oracle, and this one here is Very different. I'm becoming familiar with it, but here you can see kind of in the back, but it's kind of like Connecting with the higher spirits to help guide me and it's like, oh my gosh, like I can really feel that now, when you're starting off, you might feel like you don't feel that connection and know like it's a connection that you build. It's a relationship you build just like any other one, and it'll be something that comes over time. And I did start very, very simple, with very, very simple decks that didn't require a lot of Interpretation. They were just straightforward and that really, really supported me. There's even decks for self-care, right. So if you are looking for something specifically, you can find it. I read things out there. So that's it for today. On building belief, I'll recap a little bit of it talked about the importance of building belief in order for you to Manifest quicker, to manifest your desire, so that you can be in the vibration you need to be in, to be in alignment to attract what you are desiring. One thing you can lean on is the law of oneness, and the law of oneness talks about how we are all one. We are all made of the same materials. We're created equally, and you can use that to remind yourself that what is for one is for all. So if someone else has what you're desiring or they manifested into their life, you can have it too, and there's abundance. Just because someone else has it doesn't mean that you can't. It is a confirmation that you can have it too. Another fun way to start building belief is looking for signs, looking for that driftwood that what you are desiring is possible, and then pulling from past experiences where you had to really build belief in yourself To manifest what you are desiring. And I say really build belief, because sometimes we can manifest something that we didn't have to build a lot of Belief. We just had the belief and it happened, and it was instant. Those times are awesome. They're not going to help you start building that belief muscle. So you have to look for things in times that you had to struggle, I think oftentimes of when I completed my full marathon. Now I Showed up for myself. I had a desire to do it, my belief in completing it began to waiver In it because I had heard so much about how people don't finish full marathons and so the whole time I had to work through the whole 26 miles. It took me like seven hours To run this and it was very, very challenging. So I can pull from that as a reminder for future Manifestations. Right, like I went through seven hours of self-doubt, I can't remind you myself like I just got to keep going and finish and I can do it and I did it. And it's one of the things that I was like, yes, like this I did, like I earned this, and so now I can use that as an experience of how, if I just continue to believe myself, despite all of that self-doubt, that I can achieve what I am desiring to have and manifest into my life. And then, of course, finding supportive people, finding people who are like you, who think like you in the sense of what you are trying to achieve. Maybe they have similar experiences as you do, and then you leaning on that right, leaning on their experiences, leaning on their feedback, when you are feeling low in your belief and belief in what you are trying to bring into your life. The last thing I touched on was creating a belief ritual for yourself. Start an intentional belief ritual so that you can then build that strong belief in what you are trying to manifest. So that is it for anyone listening to this podcast episode. I do want to remind you to join my email list, because I will be doing a Manifesting challenge in December. So make sure that you're on my email list so that you can join that and join my Facebook group, because that is where my Manifesting challenge is going to be taking place. All right, that's it, you guys. Have a great rest of your day. Thank you for listening to the manifesting Latina podcast. Did you love today's episode? Please help us grow by leaving a review, sharing with the friend or on your social media. Let's spread the abundance and fun of manifesting.

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