hOLA Episode 5 - Youth Ministry and Summer is Here!

May 21, 2021
hOLA Episode 5 - Youth Ministry and Summer is Here!
Show Notes

Welcome Summer!
Rosemary and Jennifer interview Alyssa Woolums, Associate Director of Youth Ministry, in this episode.  Alyssa started at OLA during the pandemic, so we wanted to get to know her better and hear her plans for the future of High School Ministry. 
We also want to know what you are doing this summer, so take the challenge and reach out!

Catholic Summer Challenge:
Examples of what you can do -
Explore your faith:
.     Visit a Catholic pilgrimage site.  Here is a great website for locating these, which even has e-tours if you can’t make the trip.

.     Pick saints with summer feast days. Read about their lives and, celebrate them in a special way.


·        Create a sacred space indoors or out

·        Attend daily Mass

Also, don’t forget to relax a bit, spend time with loved ones or outdoors or both!

Tell us what you did or send pictures to be featured in our next episode!

Litany of Humility

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