Interviews with Leaders in Fintech
Serial Fintech Entrepreneur Felicia Meyerowitz Singh > Skills & Mindset You Need To Build High Growth Fintech Companies
Serial Fintech Entrepreneur Felicia Meyerowitz Singh > Skills & Mindset You Need To Build High Growth Fintech Companies 29:00 Metaverse Veteran Doug Thompson Talks About Opportunities in the Metaverse and How You Can Get Started 36:18 From professional opera singing to a career in coaching: Elena Armijo discusses her career and DEI initiatives 22:34 First Female Editor of the The Banker, Joy Macknight, in 95 Years talks about fintech and what it takes to become a female leader 34:51 Fintech & Web3 Career Advice from Simon Vans-Colina who was on the Founding team of Monzo, CTO and co-founder of Fronted, Founder of TreeDAO and now working at BigPay 35:25 From Investment Bank Intern to Head of Strategy at a Crypto Firm: 25 year-old Sebastian Widmann, Head of Strategy at Komainu 21:47 The Benefits of a Degree Apprenticeship in Investment Banking: Goldman Sachs launches Masters Degree Apprenticeship with Warwick University. Hear from Ayaz Haji, MD at GS, Stuart Croft, Warwick Vice Chancellor & Peter Estlin, Assc. of Apprentices 40:08 Diving into the World of Venture Capital: Career Insight and Advice from Founder Member of the Reuters Venture Capital Group Basil Moftah 30:28 Advocating for Your Career: Graduate Advice from Cofounder of NYC Fintech Women Michelle Tran 24:36 Taking the Reins of Your Career: Graduate Advice from Chief Data & Analytics Officer at UNICC Anusha Dandapani 37:44 Pivoting to a Career in Cryptocurrency: Graduate Advice from Global Head of Institutional Account Management at Coinbase Sashi Dias Valtz 24:10 Fintech for Fairness in Capital Markets: Graduate Advice with Anand Sambasivan, founder and CEO of PrimaryBid 28:52 Investing in Your Future: Graduate Advice from Symphony CEO, Brad Levy 34:00 The Metaverse - The Future of the World: Graduate Advice from Technology Futurist Theo Priestley 31:51 Breaking Glass Ceilings: Graduate Advice from Global Chair of Deloitte Sharon Thorne 32:29 From Professional Rugby Player to Goldman Sachs Managing Director: Graduate Advice from Goldman Sachs Head of Multi Asset Platform Sales EMEA Kene Ejikeme 34:26 DeFi is the Future of Finance: Graduate Advice from former Goldman Sachs and Google Senior Data Scientist Hossein Azari 23:33 NFTs, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Graduate Advice from Chief of Staff of Jess Houlgrave 26:30 Why I Left Banking for Fintech: Graduate Advice from Bitpanda Pro Head of Strategy and Business Development Pavir Patel 30:48 How Blockchain Changed the World: Exclusive Interview with the Grandfather of Ethereum, Dmitry Buterin 46:36 How to Become a Great Trader: Graduate Advice from Senior Equity Trader at Capital Group Alastair Clarke 23:34 The Future of ESG: Graduate Advice from GoalsFirst Founder and Former PIMCO Head of ESG Portfolio Management Alex Struc 35:43 How to Conquer NFT's: Exclusive Interview with 12-Year-Old Weird Whales Creator Benyamin Ahmed 32:54 How to Beat the Interview: Graduate Advice from Harrington Starr Founder and CEO, Toby Babb 35:38 Founding a Fintech Start-Up: Entrepreneur Advice from United Fintech Founder Christian Frahm 23:20