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July 22, 2022 CrimeTimeFM
Crime Time FM
Show Notes

Paul Burke takes a look at the latest crime fiction for July. From surprisingly entertaining financial thriller to the daring wartime rescue of a cow, via a Californian sniper, a Japanese locked room, a couple of serial killers with a plan and a narcissistic pensioner. With apologies for any mispronunciations of Japanese, Spanish, French or even English!

THE FRACTURED TREE Justin Wheatley                                7/10
THE ACCOMPLICE Steve Cavanagh                                          9.5
LISTEN TO ME Tess Gerritsen.                                                       8
ALL I SAID WAS TRUE Imran Mahmood                                  8
THE APARTMENT UPSTAIRS Lesley Kara                              8
THE ROPE JUGGLER Judson Blake                                            7
THE BIG DARK SKY Dean Koontz                                               7
THE SILK PAVILION Sarah Walton                                              9
SUN DAMAGE Sabine Durrant                                                      8
MOVIELAND Lee Goldberg                                                             9
THE LOCAL Joey Hartstone                                                            8 
HAWK MOUNTAIN Conner Habib                                             8
DEATH ON GOKUMON ISLAND Seishi Yokomizo           8         trans. Louise Heal Kawai 
A FOREBODING OF PETRELS Steve Burrows                     7
APPOINTMENT WITH VENUS Jerrard Tickell                   8