How to Build an App

The Best Place to Start With Your Big App Idea (Strides Development)

May 19, 2021 Strides Development Season 1 Episode 15
How to Build an App
The Best Place to Start With Your Big App Idea (Strides Development)
Show Notes

Let’s say you have a really good app idea and you want to build it… where do you start?

Over this past season, we’ve actually chatted with a LOT of people who can help answer that question...

Not to mention we’ve chatted with hundreds of app founders and you know where they wish they would have started?

Refining the vision for the project. 

In today’s episode, we’re breaking down how to get around the BIGGEST problem new app founders face — the development black box. 

Development is complicated — and it’s made even worse by the fact that developers, designers, product people, and founders tend to all speak a different language. 

Today, we’re running you through how we shine light on the entire process. 

This is actually the FIRST set of milestones that we take all of our new clients through, and if you are looking to build an app, this is exactly where you should start too. 

The bottom line: This process we’re about to cover will help you invest a small amount of money upfront that will save you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS later in your project.


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