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Healthy Habits and Rituals for a Full Life with Valerie Lavigne

March 04, 2022 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Healthy Habits and Rituals for a Full Life with Valerie Lavigne
Show Notes

Today's guest is a client, friend and someone who I have admired for a long time. Valerie is a Healthy Habit Mentor. She helps women making an impact prioritize their own health and wellness, without adding to their already busy schedule, so that they can feel great in their body and show up powerfully for the people depending on them.

In today's episode we focus on the importance of healthy habits and rituals, as essential pillars for a happy, healthy, full, intentional life. 

  • Why we all have habits, many of which we don't realize are part of our daily lives
  • How to lean into making healthier habits and where to start 
  • The ripple effect of healthy habits into other areas of our life 
  • Why we both rebelled against rituals and routines for so long and how they are now non negotiable for both of us 
  • How to support yourself even if you're multi-passionate, identify as a free spirit creative, or can't imagine implementing structure into your life 
  •  How I have implemented discipline into my life and why I think it's essential for anyone who wants to see traction in an area of their life 
  • The beauty of rituals and the mindset shifts to make so that we can see the gifts in them

We hope you love the episode as much as we loved chatting about all of these things!

If you would like to learn more, you can connect with Valerie at these links below:

Valerie's website
Valerie's Instagram

Download your free habit tracker & dream lifestyle map by clicking here.

With so much love and respect,

Robyn xx


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