The Profitable Way

Economic Mobility and "Having it All" in Honour of International Women's Day

March 11, 2022 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Economic Mobility and "Having it All" in Honour of International Women's Day
Show Notes

In honour of International Women's Day, this week's episode touches on the power of economic mobility via entrepreneurship to shatter systems of oppression in the economic structures that are prevalent in traditional economic structures. 

I chat about the statistics that showcase in many ways we are going backwards, and how the Pandemic has negatively impacted economic mobility for women. 

  • Where the stats are for economic mobility for women in 2022 (spoiler alert: it's not good)
  • The UN Women SDG's that are supported by creating wealth for yourself
  • Why we have the opportunity to shatter both systemic ceilings and the internal ceilings by creating our own income and building businesses
  • The big why behind my business and the background story 
  • How we have the gift to create the world we want where all people can thrive in economic structures, and as entrepreneurs who make the rules, it's our duty to create mobility and access for ALL people, regardless of how they identify 

I am INCREDIBLY passionate about this topic and would LOVE to continue the conversation on Instagram! If you are needing support please reach out to me. I offer scholarships and sliding scale options to increase accessibility to coaching and resources to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. 

All stats mentioned can be found at these references:

With so much love and respect,

Robyn xx


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