The Profitable Way

Part 1: Navigating Business When Life Feels Hard

March 29, 2022 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Part 1: Navigating Business When Life Feels Hard
Show Notes

In today's episode I talk about a very important topic: how do we show up in our business and for our people, when our personal life feels heard and heavy?!

Some of the things I talk about include...

  • The industry standards we see around sharing personal struggle and why I think we have it wrong
  • Why we are scared to bring people into our pain
  • How to know what to share and where the line is between transparency and privacy 
  • Questions to ask yourself if you're not sure whether you're in your integrity to continue holding space for your clients while navigating personal pain 

Ultimately at one time in your entrepreneurial journey, your personal life will invite you into deeper presence with it and you will be left with questions around what that means for your role as CEO, coach, space holder, etc. I hope that this episode, shared with insights that are based on lived experience (my own and what I have seen in my clients experiences), supports you as you navigate your challenging seasons.

I want you to know that you are not alone, and there will be a rainbow at the end of your storm. 

Be sure to catch part two of this episode where I share tangible business bumpers that will support you in practical ways if you need to create more space from your work while you lean into your healing. 

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