The Profitable Way

Nervous System Regulation and Somatic Support for Entrepreneurs with Eliza Butler

May 09, 2022 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Nervous System Regulation and Somatic Support for Entrepreneurs with Eliza Butler
Show Notes

There's a big issue I see in the coaching space and it's a lack of somatic support for helping clients transform themselves and their goals. In this episode I sit down with Eliza Butler to understand the importance of supporting our nervous system and our body with somatic tools while we lean into the regular discomfort of being an entrepreneur.

Up-levelling, or stepping into the unknown (with intention) is something entrepreneurs do over and over and over again. As we constantly create discomfort for ourselves, our sensitive nervous system responds which is why it's important to find safety in the discomfort and work with the magic and wisdom of our bodies whenever we are doing "mindset" work, goal setting, making big decisions, or stepping into big or small s-c-a-r-y- things.

Specific things discussed in the episode:

  • Tools to support your nervous system 
  • Curiosity to explore the wisdom and resilience in your unique body 
  • Reducing anxiety and overwhelm
  • Increasing engagement and presence through embodiment 
  • Simplifying somatic support
  • Understanding the quality of your breath as a big clue for where you are in your journey
  • A fresh take on morning routines and foundations for an epic life 

About Eliza Butler

Eliza has dedicated the last decade of her life to finding and learning how to live a life full of intention, meaning, and joy. She bridges science-based and soulful practices such as meditation, breathwork, and somatic psychology to support you on your own epic journey back to Self. 

With a Masters in both Integrative health and Counseling psychology, Eliza believes the answers we seek are held and released through our breath and body. She's supported dozens of clients through their burnout, self-sabotage, and trauma so they can access the contentment and purpose that is already within them, just waiting to be uncovered. Are you ready to feel alive and free in your body and life?

Links mentioned in this episode:

Click here for the  Presence Practice

Click here for more information on her signature program Reconnect

The Enneagram Test discussed at the start of this episode can be found using this link here. 

With love,

Robyn xo


If you

With love,

Robyn xo


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