The Profitable Way

Should You Start a Youtube Channel?

July 08, 2022 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Should You Start a Youtube Channel?
Show Notes

If you're overwhelmed about choosing online platforms for your marketing strategy, you're not alone. There are so many different options and it's almost  impossible to do them all well (unless you have a big team!). So being selective about where you show up essential, especially in the early years of building your community and business. 

In this episode I announce that I am launching my own Youtube channel and why I decided to venture into the world of Youtube!

  • Why you should or should not lean into a Youtube strategy
  • The reasons I have decided to launch my Youtube channel 
  • How long it has taken me to get my channel set up and out into the world
  • How to think about expanding your online platforms as you build your business 
  • Why I am NOT shutting down this podcast and will be doing BOTH

I would LOVE if you would subscribe to my channel here. You will be the FIRST to be part of this launch and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you who tunes in here and hangs out with me elsewhere. I have my trailer up for you to browse before I launch the first videos! And if you're hanging out with me on Instagram, you'll be able to participate in a giveaway to celebrate this new era of my business expansion.

* EDITORS NOTE: This episode was originally intended to be published weeks ago, but due to the socio political circumstances in the USA it was delayed along with the Youtube launch *

With love,

Robyn xo


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