The Profitable Way

Can We Normalize Hard?

August 25, 2022 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Can We Normalize Hard?
Show Notes

A personal journey I have been on this year is really dissecting my relationship with "hard" as a concept and an experience and an awareness in my responses to the SHIT parts of life and business.  As an advocate for an aligned, easeful business, I want to clarify that this does NOT mean there's no HARD parts. And the issue I see time and time again, is that clients come to me with their hard, and then in their experience of it are making themselves wrong in so many ways. This is where shame enters the picture and there's a predictable spiral that happens, even though the muck is where the magic is birthed. So in this riff I speak to:

  • My relationship with "hard" and how to recognize patterns of response to support yourself vs sabotage yourself
  • The misunderstandings the coaching industry or holistic / spiritual industry has created and how that has influenced the isolated experience of navigating the hard 
  • How to shift your perspective to the difficult aspects of business 
  • Why this is an essential part of you receiving MORE of everything you desire 

It's not the sexiest topic but it's ESSENTIAL. I am devoted to bringing you what's REAL and HUMAN and honouring of the messy middle of this wild ride, and this episode is all about getting to the heart of that. 

With love,

Robyn xo


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