The Profitable Way

How I Made 60k in 6 Weeks Without Launching

May 05, 2021 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
How I Made 60k in 6 Weeks Without Launching
Show Notes

I'm taking you behind the scenes in this solo episode to share with you  how I made $60, 000.00 in six weeks ... without launching.

In this episode I share how this income flowed into my business and:

  • Exactly how much of this was revenue versus profit and why this matters
  • Where the revenue came from
  • Why I didn't need to actively launch to generate this income in my business 
  • How you can replicate this in your own business 
  • The "PATH" to always come back to in sales and as the CEO of your business no matter where you are in your journey 

When I first started my business my personal goal was consistent 10k months, but I never believed that 10k weeks would be possible. Someone whispered in my ear to dream bigger, and my hope is that this episode is a whisper in your ear to do the same.

Whatever your goals are for your business's revenue and profit, please know that it is possible for you to achieve those goals. The "PATH"" is always available to support you no matter what stage you're in or where you hope to be.

As always, thanks for tuning in and the best is yet to come!

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