The Profitable Way

Building a Business + Life From The Inside Out with Nathan Seaward

July 14, 2021 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
Building a Business + Life From The Inside Out with Nathan Seaward
Show Notes

If you're looking for a raw, deeply human, soothing soul sermon... this episode is for you. 

Nathan Seaward enjoyed a successful 16-year career as an airline pilot before becoming a personal coach and host of The Nathan Seaward Show. He believes, through the process of self discovery and self mastery, entrepreneurs can change the world whilst creating extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. 

He supports entrepreneurs to create game changing businesses that help people and the planet in new and innovative ways.  From being a successful entrepreneur, to leaving at the height of his piloting career to go on a around the world adventure, he’s always lived at the edge of his comfort zone, taking on new and challenging things in service of being his best self and serving the world. 

Our conversation is a peek behind the curtains. Inviting us into the intimate corners of his heart and home, Nathan reflects on change, identity, money, self love, connection, business success, and the reality of healing deep wounds. 

With rawness, honesty, and vulnerability we discuss:

  • Walking away from a 2 decade career to build a coaching business
  • the addiction he needed to break to do his best work 
  • Why losing all of his money was the worst and greatest thing that ever happened to him 
  • The role of identity in big life changes 
  • Why society’s modulated life and metric of success isn’t going to bring us inner peace 
  • What it truly means to forget about the money in business
  • The journey of deep loneliness and not having any idea of how to fix it 
  • The weirdest part about being a coach 
  • The beauty of living in a nourishing community 
  • How our connection wounds show up in our business and how healing them can catapult our success 
  • Why business is an incredible vehicle for personal development and what it truly means to build a business and epic life from the inside out 
  • The importance of being pushed by the fear of being pulled by the vision 
  • What we can all learn from the caterpillar being stuck on a branch and the idea of “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”
  • What “home” means after travelling and living all around the world and how it’s shaping a current big dream 

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With love,

Robyn xo


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