The Profitable Way

"This Wasn't Supposed to Happen" with Samantha Ellis

July 28, 2021 Robyn Gooding
The Profitable Way
"This Wasn't Supposed to Happen" with Samantha Ellis
Show Notes

If you've ever thought "well this wasn't supposed to happen" (who hasn't?) then this episode is for you. Sitting down with my friend and award winning entrepreneur Sam, we have a casual and heart-cracked-open conversation about how to pivot and rediscover yourself and your calling when the thing that wasn't supposed to happen, happens.

Samantha Ellis is the co-founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Roots + Ardor and a recipient of BC Businesses' 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year. When she isn't crafting client strategy at R+A, she is freelance writing for international publications and currently lives and works in London, UK. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • What to do when the moments of “this isn’t supposed to happen”…well, happens
  • The claustrophobia of society’s blueprint for how to live life
  • What it looked like in the early days of building her marketing agency and what she has learned since 
  • Romanticism of moving to a new place and starting life over 
  • Navigating a young divorce and discovering home after pivoting from society’s check boxes
  • Building an award winning marketing agency 
  • Embracing the simplicity of life and rejecting consumerism 
  • The addiction of permanence and the attachment to the promise of permanence for a sense of safety and what it looks like to embrace impermanence 
  • How to lean into what makes us feel alive 
  • Why we should all write our own rules starting at any point of our life in the name of liberation 
  • Where the most friction and inefficiency happens in a business
  • The most common mistakes she sees in marketing 
  • The power of story telling and community cohesion in building brand awareness
  • The importance of digital connection
  • Why sometimes what we are going through feels life ending and how to remember that we can survive it 

You can connect with Sam on Instagram @sam.ellis 

To peek at the award winning agency she is the co-founder of visit Roots + Ardor 

You can hang out with Robyn on instagram @robyn.gooding and visit her website for more information at 

With love,

Robyn xo


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