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The PBL Playbook
Episode 2: Here to Educate!
May 21, 2018 Magnify Learning

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In this episode, Josh and Andrea continue to explore the elements that make PBL work. At 2:41, they interview Coleman Marshall (@cmmarshall4212), a PBL facilitator from the STEAM Academy Lexington, KY about the “non-negotiables” of a PBL, as well as the elements that really determine whether or not he considers a project to be successful. At 10:15, they interview Dr. Jose Martinez (@hellahoosier), a professor of education from Franklin College in Indiana. Using his research with PBL students in the college environment, Dr. Martinez discusses the elements of PBL that help set students apart after high school. For follow up information from the interviews in this episode about employability/21st skills, visit the P21 website.

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