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School Spotlight: NCEA Bishop's Primary School

January 06, 2022 Renaissance Learning
The Renaissance Space Podcast
School Spotlight: NCEA Bishop's Primary School
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Do you wonder how to cultivate love of reading at schools?

NCEA Bishop's Primary School have been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2016 to support the school's reading development strategy.

The school have carried out over 28,500 Accelerated Reader quizzes since August 2020 to provide pupils with greater awareness of texts that are suited for their level of ability making reading more accessible to all.

According to the DfE attainment statistics from 2019, the school demonstrated an 'Above Average' reading progress score.

In this podcast we spoke to Director of Literacy across NCEA Trust Bishop's Primary School, Jack, to discover how the school have implanted a successful reading development strategy that includes Renaissance solutions.

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