Beyond the Scope

David Clunie, MD | DICOM Standards Author

June 01, 2021 Digital Pathology Association Season 1 Episode 11
Beyond the Scope
David Clunie, MD | DICOM Standards Author
Show Notes

Dr. David Clunie is a radiologist, medical informaticist, DICOM open source software author and editor of the DICOM standard. He joins Beyond The Scope to discuss image format standards surrounding digital pathology adoption. For more information, please visit: .

  • 3:00 Intro
  • 4:15 Background on PACS and DICOM, and the importance to pathology
  • 6:39 History of DICOM as the image standard for radiology
  • 10:04 Why an image standard has yet to emerge for pathology
  • 15:38 How pathology departments can work with IT departments to aid the digital transition
  • 16:54 Clarifying misconceptions about PACS
  • 21:52 Discussing all cost elements associated with digital pathology transition
  • 27:43 Advice to pathologists regarding image archival standards long term
  • 33:20 Collaborative efforts between pathology, radiology, and IT departments
  • 37:22 Educating the pathology community on image standards and regulatory barriers
  • 44:51 The role of enterprise IT in DP adoption