Speaking with Women

Ep. 21 The LinkedIn boogeyman

February 18, 2022 Episode 21
Speaking with Women
Ep. 21 The LinkedIn boogeyman
Show Notes

The one thing I hear the most often from my clients or women who approach me to work with me is that they are afraid of being on LinkedIn because "it is a professional site"

And yet, it is a platform that has so much opportunity for professional growth and visibility. It has done so much for me and my business!

I don't know why I have not done an episode on it yet.

Today the main objective is to shine a light on this fear of the LinkedIn Boogeyman and understand how it is showing up for us. We are also going to talk about why it is important to move past it and I will offer 5 ways to help you do that.

Here is the video I mention in the episode to help you build a gorgeous LinkedIn banner 

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