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BEACH CORNER with Dianna Chycki - Carey Azzara - March 29.16
March 29, 2016 Dianna Chycki

This week on BEACH CORNER, Dianna's guest is author Carey Azzara from Boston, Massachussets. Carey published two fiction books titled "Uncommon Heroes and Cars" and "Halley's Gift and Eight Other Extraordinary Tales" and still forthcoming "The Lottery Curse" and "Kaitlin's Mooring". His background is business and social sciences. He is a marketing professional with over twenty years of experience, two grad degrees and now a published author. Carey discusses his books and what made him decide to be an author. BEACH CORNER from Beach BOOSTER Radio, brought to you by Exchanging Vows Bridal Boutique in Collingwood. NEW BEACH CORNER updated weekly! Photo provided.

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