Story Shed

Dorothy Doggins

July 30, 2021 Jake Harris Season 4 Episode 6
Story Shed
Dorothy Doggins
Show Notes

Episode thirty three of Story Shed, a storytelling podcast for children of all ages. 

This episode features Dorothy Doggins - a story about a dog who likes to go jogging with her boy, Mamu...

Oh yes indeed she liked to run at speed 
To dart and chase to sprint and race
To scamper and scurry - quick, off in a hurry 

You’ve never met someone so keen to jog
Neither human or horse neither cat nor dog

That’s right, Dorothy, to her family known as Dotty 
About jogging was absolutely potty 

Once again, after the story we are joined by Little Helpers, Bel and Ida, to discuss the story -  parents and teachers, please pause the podcast and do the same with your little ones. Enjoy! Get in touch with us - [email protected] or follow us on Twitter (@storyshedpod) and Facebook