Starve the Ego Feed the Soul

Managing Your Emotional Inheritance with Genny Rumancik of the EQ School

October 12, 2022 Genny Rumancik
Starve the Ego Feed the Soul
Managing Your Emotional Inheritance with Genny Rumancik of the EQ School
Show Notes

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This week's guest is the founder of the EQ School, Ms. Genny Rumancik. Genny and I talk about how she got into the work she does, about why learning to manage your emotions is essential for building healthy relationships and why your emotional inheritance is something you need to understand in order to be able to be the best possible friend, partner, parent, co-worker you can be.

You can find Genny via her website and via Instagram

Genny's bio: I’m Genny, the creator and primary facilitator of The EQ School. I’ve spent the last 15 years or so enthralled in personal development work, and have combined all my resources to help other people become their best and most beloved selves.

I started my career as an educator and have a BS in Education, an MA in Literature, and another masters in Design Leadership. I currently sit on the board of Acknowledge Alliance, a nonprofit in Mountain View, CA that brings social workers into school systems to help children with Social Emotional learning (and they support the teachers, too!). They’re a rad organization, and you should check them out!

I’m passionate about increasing the importance and fluency of emotional intelligence in our society and communities. The better we know and love ourselves and develop our emotional literacy, the richer our lives become in every aspect.

Some other random stuff:

  • I live in Portland, Oregon and could totally be a character on Portlandia (where's the life coach episode?) Feminist, vegetarian, mason jars, dumpster diver, brunch enthusiast...all of the above.
  • I also run workshops on Culture Design - helping corporate teams design healthy cultures that benefit both the individual and the organization (send a message if you’re interested!)
  • I'm really good at parallel parking. I once parallel-parked a mini-bus full of 16 year olds (first try!) into a tiny space on a crowded street in downtown Martha's Vineyard during the summer, and got a standing ovation from the TEENAGERS. It was one of my prouder moments.
  • I've lived in England, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden for awhile, but (shhh) Swedish culture is my favorite! Fika, anyone?
  • I once pooped my pants while training for a marathon. Not one of my prouder moments, but hey, shit happens. 
  • I love to learn. I’ve attended an endless list of other educational trainings; Co-active [Coaching] Training Institute, Portland Code School, UX Night School, and EFT Training to name a few! 
  • I care a lot about social justice, my wonderful dog, the health of our planet, and I friggin' love the outdoors.
  • I sleep with my socks on. I’ve been told that makes me an alien.
  • I've also been told my strengths are my strong sense of empathy, being brave & action-oriented, and knowing how to make my sister laugh.

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