Starve the Ego Feed the Soul

The Body Keeps the Score with Jillian Tuchman MS, RDN

March 13, 2023 Nico Barraza
Starve the Ego Feed the Soul
The Body Keeps the Score with Jillian Tuchman MS, RDN
Show Notes

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Excerpts from this weeks guest Jillian Tuchman's website below!


Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious about what you can and cannot eat? 

Do you want to feel good and normal like everyone else? 

Have you been dismissed so frequently that you’ve lost faith in finding a solution?

It's time to start feeling better.
It's time to use your sensitivity as your superpower.


...that those who feel deeply and are more sensitive to every aspect of life have a greater tendency to develop food intolerances, gut and bloating issues, chronic pain and autoimmune conditions.

These issues can knock other parts of us out of balance leaving us overwhelmed, in pain, tired, confused, depressed, not knowing what to address first and how to even begin.

And then we're told we’re too sensitive every time we seek help.

I understand you, because I AM you.

Nutrition and lifestyle adjustments are only one part of the equation -- we must work together in a safe, trusting container to assess the mental, physical and emotional root causes that contribute to your anxiety.

So you can finally feel like the best version of yourself. And live life with more presence and calm.

Through a functional medicine approach, we’ll address the root causes of your symptoms, so you have less anxiety, more energy, greater focus and clarity, improved digestion. 

Holistic health is whole-person health and in our work together, we’ll address every aspect of your wellness from the food you eat, to your daily routine, to how you navigate sleep and stress to how your thoughts affect your digestion.

You will finally feel like YOU

To learn more about Jillian Tuchman head over to her website

You can also register for her new group program, FROM SHIT TO SHINING. Click the link below!

Nico Barraza