Joyfully Married After

How Do You Repair Broken Trust?

March 07, 2022 Heath and Tracy Season 4 Episode 77
Joyfully Married After
How Do You Repair Broken Trust?
Show Notes

How to Repair Broken Trust 

In any relationship trust in one another is key. A key component that threatens trust is fear. 

Social media Story- Talking to someone on SM about things that you are afraid to talk to your partner about. 

Give Examples. Give Subject matter 

How you feel about what’s going on at work Their appearance
 You need more attention that you are getting 

This action unknowingly break the trust that was built up over the years. 

Then avoidance and shame
 avoiding the consequences and confrontation. 

This is a great analogy for primary or spousal relationships too. 

1. Be open to keeping the trust. The person who was lied to gets a pass to ask any questions, check the phone, check whatever at anytime. This seems invasive at first but will minimize naturally with time. The person that lost trust needs to let this happen without getting in your feelings or retaliating. 

2. Discuss items that bother you or that you’re concerned with. Bring why you are suspicious and what the person can do to alleviate your fear. 

3. Talk through issues even if you’re scared or uncomfortable; you’ll be so glad you did. Do this when there is no emotion involved. During basic tasks, cooking, running errands. Or just sitting down with a glass of wine or over dinner to talk thru it. Not being up and throwing in the other's face but talking thru the issue openly to take trust to the next step. Ask questions and answer them openly and without hesitation. 

4. Get help. A coach, a professional, to walk through it with you if necessary.
 5. Meet things head-on and never hide from the challenges. If you’ve already gone down the wrong road, stop. 

Admit you are wrong and work through it. You can do it. You can push through.