Joyfully Married After

What We Wish We Knew Before We Got Married

March 14, 2022 Heath and Tracy Season 4 Episode 78
Joyfully Married After
What We Wish We Knew Before We Got Married
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We’ve got 10 things we wish we knew before we got married.
 How you will feel after you hear this... 

1. Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. 

2. Marriage success comes from repetition. You practice being married every day. Am I practicing marriage or practicing divorce dating 

3. Deprioritizing everything over your marriage. Work kids family 

4. Always act like you are 35 - lots of people you can model. Ask people that have experience. Take their best practices and use them. Keep that young energy. Date night flirting 

5. Marriage is about the other person and it’s a daily dying of self. It’s a daily practice of working the selfish out. When that happens you will submit to one another. 

6. Plan to be married forever. Don’t stay if there is abuse, mental physical 

7. Never sacrifice your spouse's feelings for the benefit of your family or others. Make your partner feel protected and that you have their back

 8. Celebrate your partner's differences. Yin Yang. Don’t pick at them recognize they are enhancing your weakness 

9. Do put off doing don’t nice things. Continually the love bank. Don’t expect anything back 

10. The magic happens in the failures