Joyfully Married After

How to Flirt with Your Partner

March 24, 2022 Heath and Tracy Season 4 Episode 79
Joyfully Married After
How to Flirt with Your Partner
Show Notes

1. Show Interest.

2. Touch your spouse. 

3. Tell a joke 

4. Cleaning it up(for the married people) unmarried people- do small things. 

5. Turn Down the bed for each other 

6. Wear something special. Their favorite dress, shirt, pants, color. Etc. 

7. Snuggle, while you are watching tv, or touching at the table in a restaurant under the table. 8. Talk, Talk, Talk Women use 1000’s words more than men. 

9. Compliment them. “You smell good”, Your beard is soft. Etc. Your hair looks good. That meal was good. I am so happy you have helped the kids. 

10. Send a great text. Let them know you are thinking of them. Handwritten notes work too. 11. Holding hands. 

12.Kiss when you say hello and when you say goodbye. It’s a special salutation. 

13. Look into each other's eyes. 

Don't take them for granted.

 Make it a habit 21 days makes a habit