Joyfully Married After

What Does A Husband Want?

May 09, 2022 Heath and Tracy Season 4 Episode 82
Joyfully Married After
What Does A Husband Want?
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Heath is bringing the TRUTH on today's episode of Joyfully Married After. 

We are talking What A Husband Wants! 

  1. RESPECT in his house. Can’t dog out your husband in front of ppl. Working, being kind, father, providing as best as possible. If he is being a many worthy of respect...then give him some RESPECT!
  2. INTIMACY on the regular. Sometimes other things get in the way. Kids, sports practice, tv shows, jobs, you get tired. Don’t want to be irritating to your wife. The ask, convey to me when you’re feeling amorous. Initiate ladies. 
  3. COMPLIMENT him. “You look great today!” "I love the outfit!" "Your beard is soft!" If I’m doing the dishes, taking out the trash, counseling the children, let me know you see it and you appreciate. Let me know you’re glad you married me.

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what does a husband want? This is a joyfully married after podcast, episode 82. what does a husband. Okay. Okay, good to talk about it. I know a little bit of something about what a husband, while I'm trying to help the people we're trying to help the people. Y'all. I mean, it's a lot of talk out here about what people think a man wants or what a husband and we're being very specific. What a husband wants. A lot of people looking for a husband Yeah. We're not talking about what your boyfriend wants. We're not talking about what a man wants your husband. We talking about your husband. You're married you're doing your thing. You want your marriage to last, so maybe it would help if you knew what your husband actually wants. Okay. Okay. So this is going to be what the husband wants to do the lives of your man. He's trying to get mad. If he wants to somebody who've been married for 31 years, certified marriage, counselor. Might know a little bit about being a husband and what a husband might walk in his marriage. Let's jump into it. Number one What a husband wants in his marriage is respect There goes that word Put some respect on my name. Put some respect in my house, If you're gonna come into the house and you disrespecting your husband, you calling them all kinds of crazy names. You calling him outside of his name. You, slinging mud. You, them down in front of people. It's not good? that is not the recipe for a happy husband. that's pretty simple to me. And if you feel like you are in a place where. You don't feel like you respect him. That's, a conversation that needs to be had because you can get there. You can get to a place where, you know, he doesn't deserve my respect. He doesn't respect me. And when I say deserve my respect, is he doing things respectable? Is he being a respectable man? Right? Is he helping in the house? Is he helping with the kids? Is he, is he providing. What is he doing to earn that respect? Yeah. If I, if I'm going to work every day, if I'm running a business, if I'm helping with the children, if I'm taking out the trash, doing the dishes, feeding the dog, running errands, putting gas in the car, paying someone to do those things. If I'm a counselor to my children, What about your wife? I'm a church going, man, if I'm being a man who is deserving of respect, give me some respect. I agree with that. Number two, I wonder what it is. A husband needs intimacy. He needs what He needs intimacy with this. wife On the regular, he needs sex. You need some intimate time with your wife He needs physical intimacy, On the regular. Okay. Yeah, he does. You know, and everybody, and everybody has life that gets in the way sometimes. Right. And so we're not, we're not so jaded that we don't know that sometimes you're tired. You've been working all week. You got stuff going on, you got stresses at work, you got kids stuff happening. You got to take people to ball practice. You got to drive all over town. You got to deal with the stresses of the Panorama. You, I mean, there's a lot of stuff going on. Right. And so the point is at the end of the day, you have to make time, build time, scheduled time, do what you need to do to make sure your husband is getting regular intimacy with you. His wife get some gas too. And if you don't want to give him. You got to ask yourself why what's going on with what's going on? You need to work some stuff out. Now I've had this conversation before ladies gotta figure it out. You gotta figure it out. Talk to yourself, talk to your counselor, you know, figure out what is wrong. You know, I always say when, when we had all them little kids and you know, it's like, oh, here he come. To be honest with you. We were done. I was like, why didn't I think that was a good idea. You have to, you have to get there. Right. So, you know, it takes, it takes women, you know, a few other things in order to maybe get themselves in a place where their aunt they're amicable to that. But at the end of the day, um, you know, you gotta, you gotta make it happen. Uh, the last thing I wanted to say about that was. That you know, sometimes exactly the scenario that you're describing, baby, Hey, you've had a couple of children, maybe you've got three or four children in the house. Maybe a lot of things were happening, you working, I'm working. And so sometimes the husband may have gotten pushback from you in the past. You know, I'm tired, you know, I, you know, you know, I had a rough day, you know, this, you know that right? And so sometimes it can be confusing. So the point that I wanted to click into there is that you understand number two, here, intimacy is needed by your husband is wanted by your husband. And so what you might need to do is occasionally say to him, Hey, I'm feeling amorous tonight. Hey, I know you're tired, I'm tired, but Hey, it's been a few days. It's been a week. It's been whatever. You know, Hey, this, this is good. This ain't real quick. Right? So the point is, is that is it. Shouldn't just be on the husband, always to initiate these things. And so, Hey, it's a partnership you have to work together, but just understand this is a high priority full yet has. And if you, and if you don't initiate after. You need to say yes, it needs to be a balance in there. It's like, if you don't ever initiate, you don't even, you don't need to say no, I don't know how to explain it. And if you say no, it's like, I'm sick. My head is banging right now. Right. Things like that. And you have to be honest with yourself as to why you don't want to make love to your husband. are you in pain? Does it not feel good? Or, you know, whatever it is, share that with them. But also if you say, why don't we just do it in the morning, make sure you do it in the morning, you know, later on or when the kids are asleep or after I come back from whatever after. Whatever you tell him to wait, be honest about that. Super important. Great tips, baby. I love it. What's the third thing. The third thing is compliment me, baby. You look good today. I like your little brown over the old school throwback joint. You look great today. I love how your beard, I just love the salt and pepper thing you have happened. To solve beer, rubbing against my faith. When you hug me, I love it, baby. Maybe it looks so good going to work today. Pants this last day, give me a spin baby. These are the things a man needs, right? You have to help the man with his ego, help your husband know that he is on the right track, but he's on the right path. That he's a. That he's loved that you appreciate him talking with the kids. You appreciate him doing the dishes, maybe. Thanks for taking out the trash yesterday. You know, it was all full and the gap in the garbage can maybe thank you for putting gas in my car. I'm just loving so much when you do that for me now I'll have to do that. Just speak it's about kindness. It's about kindness. It's like men want to be looked and wanted to. if you want your man, if you, if there's something about him, you like tell him, tell him I like it. When you say that I like it. When you do that, it makes me feel like this. You make me feel so good. You know, when you did such and such, that made me so happy. It doesn't always have to be, um, physical or anything. It could be literally anything. It could be anything. I love how you provide for this family. I know how hard it was for you to do X, Y, and Z. And you pulled through, you did your thing. You really want to be that, that cheerleader for your, your family and for your husband. It really, really gives them the gas. It gives them the gap. It revs that engine. It does ah, so quick review. I need some respect in my house. I need some intimacy regularly and I need some compliments. I get all three things. I'm good.