Joyfully Married After

New Year Steps to Build a Future

January 11, 2021 Heath and Tracy Season 3 Episode 57
Joyfully Married After
New Year Steps to Build a Future
Show Notes

Each year Tracy and I go through this exercise to plan our year. We break it up into 2 parts. ( The first 6 months of the year and the second) 

Additionally we do this with each of our adult children as well to get them accustomed to reflection and goal setting.

If have a business or you’re creating a brand, it’s great to create a calendar for your content creation as well so you have dates and time frame targets to keep you on track...

  1. Brainstorm Ideas-Business ideas, personal goals-I will drop 20 lbs by June 1st with a healthy diet and exercise while maintaining weight through December.

"I will complete my research and launch my podcast by March 1st."

  1. Non-Negotiables- That truck will not sit in the driveway all year this year. It will be gone by January 31st.

"I’m not cooking 6 times a week this year."

  1. How much will we make this year? I will make $300k this year. 
  1. Look Back to Move Forward last year I made $100k. I gained 15 pounds, I got a new job.

"I wasn’t as happy as I’ve been in the past or I found myself happier, etc."

  1. How will we make money in 2021?

"I will earn 150k from my job with salary, commissions and bonuses. I will start a Shopify Store and net 50k. I will learn to do F/B ads and hustle on FiVR to earn $50k or whatever your answers are."