Joyfully Married After

How Do I Win My Partner Back?

December 11, 2019 Heath and Tracy Season 3 Episode 53
Joyfully Married After
How Do I Win My Partner Back?
Show Notes

In this episode Heath and Tracy discuss

1. Getting your husband or wife back after separation.

2. Question of the week - "My husband is always checking for an Ex on Facebook, Is this a problem?"

3. Doing it Well - Kill the routine. “Inside or Outside?” 

Discussing the DO’s of how to save the relationship, we talked about the DON’Ts last week. The first thing we want to say is NO Manipulation. There are many out there that make manipulative suggestions and we don't abide by ANY. It will only lead to destruction. Stay Calm, try not to be reactive. Panic is the enemy. You have to stay calm, even if your partner is not. There is no excuse to not control your emotions. Would you stomp into your boss’s office and yell and scream at them? Probably not, but we do it with our partners all the time. We all choose how we are going to respond.

Be Consistent

Be Constant

Work on Yourself

Try not to separate

Slowly Reconnect

If none of this works you are still in a good place. You've worked on and improved yourself, reconnected with friends and family. Seen a therapist. You thought about what you want out of life, and how to handle crisis. This is good. If you don’t get your marriage back on track it will at least help improve YOUR life. Try and we wish you great success!

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