Joyfully Married After

Handle Your Money and Build a Legacy Together

April 09, 2021 Heath and Tracy Season 3 Episode 63
Joyfully Married After
Handle Your Money and Build a Legacy Together
Show Notes

The best way to handle money in your Marriage

Begin with a plan to move your family and your future in building a legacy.

This is the way to solid finances.

  1. You want to start with an abundance mindset. Not a scarcity mindset.
  2. Be Ok, plan. Watch your spending on the necessities. Rent/Mortgage, Transportation and food. My dad calls it “Food, clothing and shelter. 
  3. Be Secure. This is where you are going for the 6 months or more savings.
  4. Build a Wealth plan. This is when you can have fun. Look for those deals to invest in. 
  5. Meeting on a regular basis with your partner to go over your Philosophy and what are the goals and objectives you are moving toward. 
  6. Stop keeping up with the Joneses. This is hard. Why are you buying this? Do you really need it?
  7. Overspending. When you use credit, do you pay more than you would if you paid cash. 
  8. Face the past bad decisions you have made. 
  9. Lending money to friends and family. Does helping them change their relationship with money? Does it fix their problem? 
  10. Credit Cards. Build credit with only 2 credit cards. Or are you trying to live beyond your means? 
  11.  Student Loans- What is it going to really cost you? 
  12. Figure out how to save your money. Pay yourself first. 
  13. Talk about money as a couple. Come together.