Joyfully Married After

Want a Happy Marriage?

July 16, 2021 Heath and Tracy Season 3 Episode 69
Joyfully Married After
Want a Happy Marriage?
Show Notes

In this Episode we Discuss how to have a happy Marriage.

1.  Invest in your marriage just like your business/career with a weekly meeting with an Agenda- Treat this like you would a valuable client. Make sure you don’t miss it.
No interruptions. In a quiet place. Ask the question. Where can I improve?

2 .Create the Vision of Your Union.

  1. Who do you see yourself as the significant other?
    1. Think like premier Romantic
    2. Cater directly to their love language in a big way on a regular basis
  2. Look for others to emulate
  3. Be with others that have marriage you want or others that want the same for their marriage (community)


  1. Are you excited about the future
  2. Give yourself something to be excited about.
  3. Is there an annual trip you take.

  1. Is this something you like to do together that you can do on a regular basis?
  2. Make rules - If I am gone this many days, we do a quick weekend away. Never miss date night, pillow talk on Sunday nights etc. There are so many!! Coffee Day. Get in your 10!

It’s possible to have a great marriage and a great career or business. Yes you can have it all. Envision it, claim it.Use Do Overs - I know i messed up last time.. Only 1 or 2  year

Do you buy more career books than marriage books? Stop saying you're doing it to put food on the table. Put each other first. For 30 days.

14- nights away just the two of you in another town

4- If gone more than 4 days then take days off during the week.

6- no phone after 6pm