Job Search the Smart Way
Episode 36: Writing to people and not hearing back? Here’s why and how to fix it.
Episode 36: Writing to people and not hearing back? Here’s why and how to fix it. 12:11 Episode 35: Why lottery-style job searches don't work. 9:23 Episode 34: How to network when you don't have a network 22:34 Episode 33: Why your resume isn't getting you interviews 18:06 Episode 32: If Higher Ed was an Amazon product, it would have 1 star reviews 19:26 Episode 31: "Should I accept that my school took my loan money and ran?" 25:01 Episode 30: Academics need not apply 24:35 Episode 29: Focus on the student and everything else follows 19:52 Episode 28: PhD wins in 2021, and what we should do going into 2022. 15:29 Episode 27: Entry level isn't an insult. It's an opportunity. 11:29 Episode 26: Impostor syndrome is real, and common. Here's what you can do about it. 25:42 Episode 25: Here's where jobs for grad students and PhDs actually are. 18:48 Episode 24: 5 ways faculty can be better mentors 16:55 Episode 23: Are these common networking mistakes holding you back? 21:10 Episode 22: There's no good way to fight a war: surviving another year of Covid 22:53 Episode 21: Applying for jobs and not hearing back? Stop making these mistakes! 19:26 Episode 20: Go on the academic job market this fall with confidence. Know your worth in industry. 19:44 Episode 19: 3 Qualities You Need to Have to Succeed in Your Career Transition 17:06 Episode 18: What I really love is teaching ... 15:16 Episode 17: Why a job search process is so important for PhDs leaving the academy. 17:27 Episode 16: Overqualified or Underqualified. Which is it, and what to do about it. 17:27 Episode 15: 3 Misconceptions about professional work that hold PhDs back in their job search 24:05 Episode 14: Should I stay or should I go? How sunk cost fallacy keeps us in academia 21:27 Episode 13: Job security vs Career Security: why a job for life is a terrible idea 17:45 Episode 12: It's time to be honest about the academic job market 24:48