The CARMA Chronicles
Healing Work Through Understanding Our True History: In Community With Dr. Cory Greene.
Episode Artwork Healing Work Through Understanding Our True History: In Community With Dr. Cory Greene. 41:43 Episode Artwork HCE on the ground: How Community Folx In the Bronx Integrates HCE 48:27 Episode Artwork Leadership in Schools: How a Leader at the Oakland Freedom Schools Creates the Conditions for Healing & Accountability 51:16 Episode Artwork Dr. Shawn Ginwright talking about his new book, The Four Pivots 35:45 Episode Artwork Kisai Henriquez, creator of CommUNITY in San Francisco, sits down with Flourish Agenda to talk about how the love work of building community connects and honors young people and their families. 52:42 Episode Artwork Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Dr. Lee Porscha Moore and Jane Lee advise out-of-school time professionals on Healing Centered Engagement 53:17 Episode Artwork Creating Healing Centered Spaces in Schools and Community w/Cynthia Nambo 52:55 Episode Artwork Sista Evin Glaude takes us on her exploration of identity, gives insight on how freedom and liberation are directly connected to choice, and the power that Akili programs have on community. 34:23 Episode Artwork Talented artist Dariane Beamon talks Healing through art and how the process of finding one's self, in exploration and in intentionality, is so key to healing work. 38:31 Episode Artwork Judith M. Hill takes us through her own healing journey over the years, including her pivot in how she views and integrates healing work as a leader in her organization and in her community 32:51 Episode Artwork Showing up as your authentic self with love and honesty with United Playaz Executive Director Rudy Corpuz Jr. 33:59 Episode Artwork Chris Nguon breaks down the foundational elements of CARMA 28:06 Episode Artwork Attorney and Director at The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform, Aman Sebahtu talks about his experience with Healing in violence prevention work 32:20 Episode Artwork Doctoral candidate and author Ree Botts-Ward talks about mourning her inner [blackgirl] child from Philadelphia to now Oakland, California 39:51 Episode Artwork How Youth Development practitioners can show up in Healing Centered work with Jenn Johns 26:12 Episode Artwork Evolution of Youth Development and the importance of Healing with Dr. Shawn Ginwright 25:42