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Especial Winnie the Pooh
August 16, 2018 Disney Fans
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Especial Winnie the Pooh

August 16, 2018

Disney Fans

Bienvenidos a un nuevo episodio de nuestro Poohcast. En esta ocasión hablamos de la historia de cómo surgió Winnie the Pooh y del verdadero Christopher Robin. También les platicamos de cómo Walt crea las películas animadas y al final les platicamos de la película live-action de Christopher Robin.
Bienvenidos a un nuevo episodio de nuestro Poohcast. En esta ocasión hablamos de la historia de cómo surgió Winnie the Pooh y del verdadero Christopher Robin. También les platicamos de cómo Walt crea las películas animadas y al final les platicamos de la película live-action de Christopher Robin.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:1:10Oh wait,

Speaker 2:1:47well amigos, these ne finds needles, I'm assuming.

Speaker 3:1:54My name is Matt Companion Amigos. Eight Aminos. These ne funds, crisco mustache.

Speaker 2:2:04Felice is. They may see a key test. That was the thing ever to see that the that means like Econ, Francisco, Gchat Mendoza,

Speaker 3:2:20Mason polyols, Fransisco say last year. But I will say like many brands go with us friends more than most journalists tap. So you know, it's more personal. Not case law you can look at. Okay. But I'm ask her to come into reasoning. He kept Storia metos there that the school, your, the capitalists are not the liquid then Amazon, then Amazon. Yes.

Speaker 4:3:08Senora senora making those was then also the a winnie the Pooh. So or a sister. I know in lossiness, Christopher Robin owning direct directly say I'm gonna spend. Yeah, ics, but Robin, you know, there'll be more stores. I was the only legal winning pool sitter. Come with mass. He said they own chessy and that really is enticing. When I'm say when a mentor, maybe a middle stop, if I must have said it states further cost, but equally like Winnie the Pooh man on the Christopher Robin from Winnipeg, a is simple. Ketones, most spoilers or a mentor settles. Always had some momentum. Nineteen needle, probably some intake on a podcast on the families do this, but I'm not supposed to follow me. I'm Poquito Mas and styles, but still you have those 10 kilos Charlie, they look at something, but as soon as I went on will be an NLP now the podcast. Yeah. The only in initiative program. I've almost being ECO France, but most columbus. Who is, they is the beginning. He would you see ma'am, which is we study and that was good. So it's not perfect. Anthesis Adam Kim on us need it.

Speaker 3:4:46Um, yeah. Kind of ranked it quite low, but no, she did not say Christopher. Robin Mile was that Christopher Robin existing case. When a personal note kicks Isa is illegal. The dirty near the silica. Francis, he proceeds to them the street or English Atlanta. Alexandre male. Mine, Mio, mio, complainers. That literature is a yammer. Edwards was a episode. You're Mendoza, Edward. Edward is to go conclusive Arroyan, but for number two, they have the word curiouser. Mental illness for lock eco. The laundry's out. Also Canadian. Zacharia said Hep thought wouldn't elaborate. Mondale. He can shoot them from also a eco. You don't know how this was received. This estate, Christopher, we say no more than they know. So

Speaker 4:6:05yeah.

Speaker 3:6:06Yeah. The word and also winning. Winning, winning, winning, winning, winning book.

Speaker 5:6:22No, no, no.

Speaker 3:6:25Well we have a lot to the pool. The other vehicle.

Speaker 5:6:34Some. No, it was unrelated.

Speaker 3:6:42I'm going. Yes. Well you see the.

Speaker 5:6:51Did these.

Speaker 2:6:54They didn't. They look as in. It won't let me. But there's another story there.

Speaker 5:7:08No,

Speaker 2:7:10we study at naughty. She won't see no is yes. I'm a libra. Inglis care. They study as they the Christopher Robin. It gets creepy. A immediate

Speaker 3:7:26meal meal. My mind is the.

Speaker 2:7:31It was in so lot, but mostly they come to the event.

Speaker 4:7:37Yes. Do I told him was how fast can you get the Nino's no study? Yes. The secrecy mentality. You go can, we'll just go. And those only started yet. So cs was that when you pull CSL, go go more, more, more, more and more. You had, which are the seven news, which does work environment. They see either winning pool. CSD side. Yeah. It's still going to present as a gay person. Is you the same days when we direct us molly, was it significantly more Alica? So civil store. Because Docomo debakey. That's.

Speaker 2:8:26Let's see. You do is the medical though is the next to the other barriers persona. Is the experience a lot of Muslim or Islam? Liberal. Okay. It's what makes it decile than turning letter. And does this sealer on 40 40th of the list? The more trusting they exactly. Either either a studio but uh, but it then their quality is better than the liberal. And does this stay mbss Illinois to squint or sisters? Pickiness story. As company, as somebody who's liberals, they still squinty dose can a, a, a, a switch for Christopher. They'll miss mark. Appropriate scope with this pillow exe steer on.

Speaker 4:9:39They're not the same.

Speaker 2:9:48No. No. Some. Or he made a list of a state contract. A podcast is to reveal York. Is that

Speaker 4:10:10somebody? Then he goes on,

Speaker 3:10:14so English, English pretty poorly. Callisto Zumiez is in Dona. Susan goes, I love you to take a part of this. Will work.

Speaker 4:10:39Was that Ozone

Speaker 2:10:46Christopher? Robin.

Speaker 3:11:16No care. So familiar. Robin. Robin. He.

Speaker 4:11:26Well, September. Isn't it exclusive low mass. Feeling closer. I look at like into a liberal state or he now leads. So these data, so this is 30 years they seem was that I used to weight loss. They locate,

Speaker 3:11:54but honestly the most important that we need a pool, the pool, the pool, the pianos. Are you mostly in this? That was bother you got switch up. Are you going to let you fail? Influences K, they come with a book. They have proposed football isn't kinda seeing him by law is when you meet the and when I was like, as soon as familiar. This is familiar like Christopher growing season in season. It is. He's nipple. Okay. Who send mentors for them was ready kid, Eh, in Libido is we need a fourK , three boy musketeers or Papa Alexander went to on the center. What's that meant? That he loves a Weenie. Yellow season was that you've noticed Ms Dot? Yes. We need to be in a pool size seasoning because this is the last day, the last candidate and say we need. We need pick either season a poop,

Speaker 2:13:28see the joke, but I love Familia is the. That means. This is Nate Diaz. Christopher Christopher Robin is the rbm and this one does this because they were better than on Boko accepted yet businesses savick Septum and they asked me will be able to. Yes. Is The a single mother?

Speaker 3:14:11That was awesome.

Speaker 2:14:13It doesn't necessarily a maintain so survey except them in the lab on upstanding. The police stuff. I probing go more. A less clutter. Is there a. it's going to be an on body. Yes it, but he was.

Speaker 3:14:30You say what was kicked out of this hour, so basically 30 years. Get out going to fear your mother. The ancient that places. Okay. This is the one that the minimum what your is the Estoppel by Christopher and does this assuming your second one or

Speaker 5:14:52the leather biker's.

Speaker 3:14:56It's kind of finding Neverland journey. There'll be a little louder. It's almost the old put him to the legal or the, the world before Niki,

Speaker 5:15:10uh,

Speaker 2:15:13because that's good.

Speaker 5:15:18And that's got a call more the, but that's certainly the most because when a particular

Speaker 2:15:31that so, but it also can stay in finance. The loss of the summer. He called the Winnipeg, the Winnipeg. I don't know if it's the law of your mother. Winnipeg. Essentially a hobby in my neato weapon. Like neat though

Speaker 5:16:01because they're in their microphones and then David

Speaker 2:16:05and it's a little more money in presented mainly.

Speaker 5:16:13Well, yeah. Columbia was a monopoly or something. He said he was going to set up medical,

Speaker 2:16:20but I the literally study. Okay.

Speaker 5:16:25Excellent.

Speaker 2:16:28Go. And this a, depending on the course is the place, the photo, the photo.

Speaker 3:16:46I think more students but intramuscular kneecap.

Speaker 5:16:51So you put it in the end of these events

Speaker 2:16:54in doses is they identify the when the, when the base they

Speaker 5:16:59but we need both enlisted and though they turned up which other men get the legal stuff is still the both customers. Would she say about me

Speaker 3:17:14and which we don't see your notebook. Get the story out so they got accused of this will be the the for collection and eh equals semantic illness, which is a big lift. They can get this recorded Ito, eh, the tiger. It's still. See some churches you look at to let the Gaza war is super glue and then throw the last three minutes for the last two as Christopher Robin. Let them let him. Yeah, we'll put it.

Speaker 4:17:54It was lower.

Speaker 3:18:00I mean look with someone who he war also got more pitches this week. Well, it doesn't sound any Monday. We'll leave it off here, but it was a, a poor gay Muslim. Not the. Colin was in a particular use.

Speaker 2:18:29Yeah. Nikos. [inaudible] let's say. Okay. I can see some. Some person is gay. They the passat some windows and this is the closest he and this one was the one in Libido. The the escalator was that is a. As soon as the whiskey in a problem as they can because this government, there isn't a person on my face and was getting less prisoners. Chemists to the other mass and liberal doses. My stomach by saddles interpreters. Whoa. God. Respect this one, but some whiskey in Toronto and they study at

Speaker 3:19:37Randall, come and get this because two people that students this can move. Chose Isa capable. Piglet. The last person that represents people in federal data is the big letters in ecap is learning. Not saying she has a mental list it because it me lot. I mean not given the gay Mafia. Nosa eight is the mosquito and public system for me in this day and yeah. Yeah. Alexander and PSI. It does this. Look at this, the outside, but by studio ego. Rosa and I'm as a transport. Okay. What was that like? One of the most. Like with what was unknown to us already and does this. It's all the same kid you got into Muslim. He didn't does this well so, but I don't know for sure.

Speaker 2:21:00That is a commodity is they can represent them in February. That is, but it was used. Did it Sunday a or CSA. Ca come on up so mostly blows a penis. You still. Nino is like xander said, this is going to be on mountain. They were brassy. He is the mismo. Camico is the CCSA gay guy. Gay Men in. Unless the hey was in the media in a big Saturday, they could get out. Does this leather presumably what must be good more? Nah, we're going to flip the dentists and stuff. So seal, but not really sticky.

Speaker 3:22:12Not necessarily them into my court person, but not, but always stayed up. Throw bombs on the Linux. One is key to any Alexander. Mika. Lots are included as a sweet voice and employment. Yamato a teddy bear and me and my son gets up, but also second is yet and a familiarity. NATO and his company and in under 500 acre woods, give a b in a number of the day with all CNI. Accurus that. Let's go to CNN. They. I just don't. The is the island. Alexander Mbsr Abbot, Christopher Robin, MPs. I could handle it. Who? Summit. That is our shepherd. Yeah. Shepherd can Mpsr I stood the other 500 acre wood emps. Ah, Shit. I mean I even pointed this is a kiss on the view pool in the pool because. Okay. The testing pyramid, that was still this huge list gives you stay disciplined and they need to know what a little bit that nobody amount of five acre wood gets done. Instead Isu sex opposite sex cxcs to a Gimme Gimme into [inaudible]. Then the Christopher are lacking. The places I went to. This was six or not applicable. A pool. Yeah. You're not with the share part of the total systems by surface. Christopher, robin and Cassie. The view. We need a point. Does it seem like I say when he pulls it run as soon as like one.

Speaker 2:24:30See that is this person. Then the cluster bank who will come console spinach's in tacoma that he gave a most time speed. Other than reality. Christopher Robin, but a book. He said, come on, you must be a bigger chair this week, or the shepherd bishop, but

Speaker 3:25:04the pool, the liberal is. They say equally shepherd

Speaker 2:25:08wouldn't say the lieutenant that the shipper is that noise or we need a pool in Melbourne and whoever is the. He ate a mature mass

Speaker 3:25:26and but when he bought it in,

Speaker 2:25:30it is and Latina Patricia

Speaker 3:25:40says was scan of in Google and last week who does a one on last baluchis acoustic, my number in case one, complete them and he asked me and lay loose shepherd is he say, so you want someone to get to a corner store?

Speaker 2:26:00Well, Christopher Robin, Cecil mothers, he said it welcomed US liberals in the. He isn't Mr Kahn.

Speaker 3:26:23It isn't a Escovedo yet exist in the story that we need a book most is makes you then does this exist a superpower, this app? Or see it as me who essential spinaches and does this native?

Speaker 5:26:51So she out to me like you said, yeah, that okay, stay.

Speaker 3:26:58And Doug says, if this endless left and pieces for free when the truck also speak the mother wound,

Speaker 6:27:07you know you're going to get some ice. Ice Columbus is the master of a holy are you? Come on this the big goodbye. Rubbing Olivia surfer muscle better get more and more and more of the opera, but I'm not done for the base. They started school, so missing one number

Speaker 3:27:51all set up and restoring and Christopher Robin was back on those stories to the selling electricity to us on the NPSL you're the better noise. Come on. Visits, ticket, the yellow, the. Let's talk about the name.

Speaker 6:28:17Who is in the least thing? Ptsd may expect. Okay,

Speaker 5:28:27but I stopped just magic. Stress disorder up in a minute. The mosquito,

Speaker 6:28:42if they stay in those doses, I call it the. On the bus, you get the audios, maybe extraneous. They are going to see me that this is the former Soviet is the locus is escape embodies it. They swear no whole unveil a second. Nor can we start off of what do they mean as we address it? Certainly can, but if we was on the bus, if eco episode of assault is the one that Vicky is made, it's made the heat list. It doesn't.

Speaker 2:29:43Is the place the facility? Yeah. They sent me those metrics.

Speaker 3:30:07Conflict. Wendy Kopp. I cement this so I'm not saying same more. Less Papa or keep a pretty narrow is it'll give more good palate. SUPERPAC, Christopher Robin at the needle. Number of property was a case of us starting kissing yellow. I lost one brother to pilot. It does. This is a case in Colorado that. Listen, I said, look, I know Loyola escape. Christopher Lawrence Prima.

Speaker 2:30:52No,

Speaker 3:30:54no. You're saying literally prima cinemas or kill the Christopher Robin or Leslie. Leslie knows Madison Square

Speaker 2:31:24cheese,

Speaker 3:31:26but it does not say in the last system, Pale yellows the reader to open that up. And as I poke up to Mr Pedroza there years ago, the Mpsr, we don't know what it doesn't say money for the consumer,

Speaker 2:31:54which is my mentors said that say hasn't come up and say, look, we cannot say whoever from someone must have super. No, no, no, because it's not suppose

Speaker 6:32:41those ago. And does this then being windy noise necessarily. I mean they alexander see noise. This was post

Speaker 3:33:00ready to send out those scoliosis noise. The minimum capital. Okay. A particular sin embargo is a wellness only component or the rituals. But uh, uh, he not, not liberals in the merchandising. Okay. So yeah, agree. I mentioned dyson is instead he thought his me then, uh, a island in the middle. So he said as part is the color of the polluters or the mentally for movie and yet most of them for a nothing really. There's no lito. He'd come on his own medical complete people in Europe, Japan and I poke. And what can we just supplement the accuracy? Cane America. We need to see the opposite of liberals, but I maintain it also needed to concealer and Deborah ca phenomenon in America. No dentist and say that I gathered his name now the more that. Okay. Because you mentioned when you could also escape Christopher. Robin, Leslie, we already know that. And like when they deliver the Winnie the Pooh couple Yan, the initial property and liberty yet equals Samantha. And meanwhile incidentals the rituals and listened to you or to see if he listen to the.

Speaker 4:35:25I'm worried. No,

Speaker 3:35:28no, no, no. Don't say it

Speaker 4:35:33fatal. They almost say that. I sit there, my lawyers but doesn't get out in the wild. They live over there. The that dental is spoon does and our other enable Seattle, la. It just.

Speaker 2:35:52And Mila was just the, the Winnie the Pooh in not in eco is louder than normal

Speaker 4:36:09and you welcome with my predecessor. So socomo the now,

Speaker 2:36:20but I can let him see the bbd, Nepalese embodied stomas and numberless men don't see, certainly if it got lost in the stories, you must be liberal state

Speaker 3:36:41what it does to us and us. And um, boy must because Samantha's more machine and scary. Most of these eight steps to this,

Speaker 4:36:53Eh, even though we did that mean was, it was called Data Kiki Gay Winnie the Pooh is a stomach. Will notice this company chose welcome center. These nicknames isn't diesel the gay as well as these four K, this will they, the last we that we need to put them in is when they started with him. Let him, we press on a winnie the pooh predominant. Leidos has been a in lesson study as a winning book. Phenomenal. No is the key.

Speaker 2:37:32You're looking at an index.

Speaker 3:37:38Lillian egregious partisan and we'll just go super sassy. Locomote. See what if he wants the uh, uh, Lillian level who was telling us he listens to content, does get the party, was your last name. He was like, ah man, the done in endo system. I've learned, oh, we need a pool. Guess is still almost instead of learning material better when I see the world and spending

Speaker 4:38:16I CSA as soon as he come and take them with a story and the day they is the persona. If it went,

Speaker 2:38:25is the window of the world. Does he know? Let any late you listen.

Speaker 6:38:37They leave it all. Then throw the

Speaker 4:38:44say both casts that are they. The Obama may marry a, a less than a lab. We're going to leave it or they don't have parking. Now all the technical and quality lab particularly say on the star test, retest it sort of rollout around me and dedicate los fondos here. Liberal, inclusive, Ilos, Gosia lever lock or be that you just put us on that case and this was a missile seat. I just could see him being libor reasoning this. You then split that Mucho shepherd. Little less for them as they lost the case. These days. Many liberals are so low, but yeah. Yeah. It said a his day, a shepherd. They will. That is a kidney. I see. No Way. Absolutely maintain things for support from rental. Wellcare is a mass a procedurally and look around the corner.

Speaker 6:40:29Sea Shepherd is only running. No problem it were and how bad I kept keeping it on Poquito mas say they will lament it as they see them. What if he got a better feel for each other in less proportion is the liberal premier let's Sunday mass ems in they,

Speaker 2:41:35believe it or not, they in Brazil as the CPO, he was decisive and cantaloupe

Speaker 4:41:54for Moto Liberal. You was like, okay. Chose. Yes. He said, yeah, you'll be in manner in a day. Because it was someone just say that gay or glue. So it's the same as his. It's a tool that wasn't really liberal was that dot. She's taken more out. There is either a get a blend of Scottish. As soon as you can only get any sense that this is not a studio or a cookie. A lot. He can get up and leave it on,

Speaker 2:43:00reference him as being, but as for more or less is the listing the person, but I,

Speaker 3:43:21the person that I paid more, you're still only the spit on me. For us to know a person I report to ensure you were. Well, and this is a magnificent, is I'll go to this event. They've been in a political, uh, an email, a Como separate center, the Porsche he puddle in Australia and a liberal and those as well for the year. I want to express your north style and that also sort of vcs or policies haven't taken noise dumber than the female directors differ. We need, we need a pool. I mean, look, I'm in Canada. They says they must have the Atlantic. They turned all I say forget good. Okay.

Speaker 4:44:34The, the, the evil or these? Yeah. You have on this for you. They said he pulled respond that or not nice finance. Yeah. So this is a way to communicate with someone really isn't going to do. You get assigned a lot when you start reading. Keep reading, keep reading. He says, sally, that liberal Senator Lucio. Don't that liberal, but I can rest easy knowing in bedded in amy, because you're not going to leave. Iraq was 11. Say it's the matter is magnifico key. Sap and the Los Alamitos. Rico's. They stop. At Equinox. I could see print the Sega, Sega synthroid. The catechist input is so important. A lot of retailer, when they are simply used to the pluses on any muscle mass and a student at world, they look. It says it says Spanish because he said wondering Dan, important the personal. Then throw of kids, eat them and then throw the.

Speaker 6:45:58Well throughout the day you'll be sweating the asset or not lost or did he? Mail is on the last person. My face. This is a very mature. These neighbors. Then he has a little bit morbid. Seems necessary. Mr. Foster was not spinach's, not in MSA. People they. They offer us

Speaker 4:46:33cheetos.

Speaker 6:46:35He does this. So the lab was the studio and then began seeing the numbers. Look welcoming guests here, but I go start back in Atlanta, muscular level for sitting in.

Speaker 4:47:01I'll go in the wholesale but a but a second probate show, but I can complete them in case someone goes, you know what I mean? Como also St. they used those about Asos because they chose us as a healer. Is More Joseph come up when the window was that Kkr is analytical and spotlight. You must get the window sills, make it suspended.

Speaker 6:47:42The concept or the same one concept of equal in the window. See that? I could get, but I'm here and just as equal, more or less know Christopher Robin.

Speaker 4:48:23Disengage.

Speaker 3:48:25Outside of law. Those laws, it doesn't Internet, so the top one, Latino, Mexican, the Cornetto, either war care also seven letters in English and you mature. Okay. Give us the animals but I use the finance. Okay. So okay. Okay. Give us animals it up in the stomach. He couldn't get it. Okay. It was that. And so you're going to take. When I say that, yes, it's kind of a potentially that personal net worth less equal. But again, Nokia, Neil and his team though it was going share part was that they were in the city planners. A doesn't look at those as your students put in when she's in my last role with the people that move through the animals. Thrush

Speaker 6:49:24see them in the last one does. So does that make up a condo as he come home? Liberal. They. Korea. The last one is not billable.

Speaker 4:49:42Yeah. See,

Speaker 6:49:45does it limit negative? No. Says this. Gfi in dances a little in another lesson format. Equity Law. It gets there. It says [inaudible] don't need you here does this, but I'm at the level that be masculine Marsian the reasoning you learn with it. It does. It does. No, it was equally importantly

Speaker 4:50:48because there's a tiebreaker already. It's like, come on, let me look at my resume, is that it's state instead of the body breaker, they aggregate Radley. That needs to be. You're so poor it sooner for rally the personality. As soon as the case is still not getting credit, is this the pedal

Speaker 3:51:39El Principio? The almost relatable trinet will equal a condo. Is Premera Los Gatos and doesn't understand and mosquitoes personal magazine. We need a pool. The these banners to the Cisco Channel. Only instrument in particular can reflect your personal persona. I guess when I go to the clarinet, they come home on French horn was instrumental in particular whose time until Tuesday

Speaker 4:52:27when is he might say is almost even, but say they last cancion is on low sales manager.

Speaker 3:52:36We don't want level that

Speaker 4:52:46what?

Speaker 6:52:58Sunday

Speaker 3:53:09at least. Yeah, or levels with the tiger is really important. Getting that again was that there was this. I mean looking around with so much whiskey, a Mbsr more cheesy. Moscow says he elidel analysis for us as characteristic as a tear case. TTFN case for now you say amazing. Clearly he gave me that motel. Resist get levels that you or his level style in any of these names that noise on. No, that was done a get out of a and I was worried. Nope. Well it doesn't yet. It was. It was. I looked at him and you put

Speaker 4:54:23didn't, but someone said, Amanda, Chairman case, which you see my influence it. I'm in a Mary poppins or Solamente. It's like for animals to stay until they. They look Tesco and they stayed mencken. Nash Mantle is the lab. Is it's the Momento the most sustainable model is either fundamentals going live. We need a pool. There's the concern that represent a con law. The law says if he lost it,

Speaker 3:55:13yes. The was with Rachel.

Speaker 4:55:19It say

Speaker 3:55:28no. Nothing.

Speaker 4:55:30No. If I said A. I said as a center they don't mobile rich, but when Rita

Speaker 3:55:41I look, it is more important than that concern. The Sherman Brothers Board. This Thomas Pleasanton don't know personally. I can tell us who kneels in American Kennel in Monessen see ya. Dns like engine the is we need as we need to chat about a lot later and later is year. He led to. He get some functional. They Maria at the little case, medic

Speaker 4:56:23two, zero a state because

Speaker 6:56:24when his magnificent, magnificent go. Okay, it still sounds and cds on with Bobby Ellis. Some pig you have given me in told me the two of us on the podcast, he can see on this mass, emblematic as days. That's they. When you poke it in formula, when you book a hotel, a ski school does not lie. You will be at a loss. When he woke up is it's on its own going to hang it and then something consistent basis, but if they're lucky they stayed in Mensa equals done in momentum in illnesses and then your job is they want a lemon in the one

Speaker 4:57:33on the. They go one pool. We need pool was scandal is isn't that premier is a nascar? Is that they a law to you don't bust. They're like ups. He gone gone. He. He, but he does enjoy it. Is isn't like a croquet? Mostly a technical in grocery stores. They don't pay me a birth doula

Speaker 6:58:24no bigger.

Speaker 4:58:28Okay. Yeah. Yes. They can identify that. Those for committee guy, he said to them and maybe a level, a mental survey, a lot of cloudy.

Speaker 6:58:40Then they see this is particular. You said you

Speaker 4:58:52benefit to at least is is is when you know and the guys with one leg. The other side this. Yeah. Perfect. Animals will say is that I can you already test dna did this little Saturday.

Speaker 6:59:13It was a that does scoliosis. A con respecto at least me is gay and when there's that get set up, they supposedly less princess. See The star wars is the SAC.

Speaker 4:59:29Yeah.

Speaker 3:59:34You could have as much money. It's just a jack. I don't know. She was a in Ghana. These making it. I don't want to come over.

Speaker 4:60:00So you know when you will know your job, your goal more. Mickey Mouse. NCS was this point, Kim people were running contract. I'll go there. When he pulled in Felucia which Ketos robot. We need boys to ses and minting or says that in the last or is it easy? Also cc Karaoke. Seamless that. And they sit up. Toby, Quito, Ecuador, the obscene single. Say what I'm interested to see as well as their. That's what it says is most important is they. Did he say he want his political career because it's still growing. Go more. We'll switch storia or so you can remember telling my story out. This is so. So of course, Eh, boiling comparably liberal. You're mellow. Begin chanting places. He when or how or what? The discourse has not ball travel.

Speaker 3:61:21No. See the devil there is me. Let me go see. When we knew that

Speaker 4:61:45we went. Then the case studies, if you know my dad said, well, I'm at the liberals, but all the global capital flows they are having to retest is perfecto. Cool. Last and Tina for a particular, the middle of the Familia, the t

Speaker 3:62:20look at it in knowing that he must.

Speaker 4:62:24Yeah, one of the most commercial it they, they. Well, Disney animation studios. Bedo Majesta includes all the studios day that these names.

Speaker 3:62:41No, it was almost already. We need more personal opportunities. Yes. And Disneyland. And they see good. Okay.

Speaker 2:63:01If you get mass is what we need. Whatever. Free. Less. But he better be a second. See to do that in those. This is the Hogan though.

Speaker 3:63:32Let me look an animal kingdom. So we focus on the new mandates and tells us he put in his to in animal kingdom be still more truck when they hold. Yeah, piglet, Eh, and it gives them a bit of time and I stopped a minister. You order them in enough for the minister. My justice overload. Those. See those in those, in those pieces. Somebody excited. Look for the men in this field is, but the second is less for this. See, this is my sister

Speaker 2:64:18I used in on the is the. We're still the law. The law Nino's not say Hollywood studios testimony. Then they wonder if he has done a the Kamala deal. When you book,

Speaker 4:64:51can you maybe have a lower degree because everybody cares. Tiki Room. The frontier length. Safeway went on those. What are those hurdles? I start ranting gained and I guess ask a winning bowl. When I say no,

Speaker 3:65:24some of those again,

Speaker 4:65:29Beethoven. No point

Speaker 3:65:36because he thought like I, they spend it. Know why it got reason. They've worked for denim. Like an heiress.

Speaker 7:65:46No, no. I'll keep that on the lab. That

Speaker 4:65:52gay stuff. He imitate a gate on as a kid. Oh, in. In my case. On Disneyland cases with Mr Booth.

Speaker 7:66:04Hong Kong. Yeah. You know, you'd want

Speaker 3:66:10said settle and the Cambium it

Speaker 4:66:16and it gets a knee. And the SSC Komoka when we have is Aminos. Mendoza. Dos minutos. I feel that for sebring.

Speaker 7:66:33Yes.

Speaker 4:66:34And they. The genome lessons fantasyland.

Speaker 3:66:45Where's the Moussaka? See, the will must contain my keynote policy, limit the AC some more if I say the winning pool as far as basketball. And so you can focus on my kingdom more flexion to London, Tokyo, Tokyo. Today. We need boo man. Okay. Bands over the. Now it's been that book or muscular or and uh, the universal energy or those days when mechanism was like, yeah, the, the Labia.

Speaker 4:67:34Look less and less as classic as these networks. In a minute. Let's go knock on his skull moon. But I. Cmo isn't a flexion Nino's because when you gotta go. So the year they lost, they lost the West Plaza conversation. It was awesome because honestly it gets cave and I met this endless job at the now more like this, the contract it says if a landing in where you'll be and the lower effected a Winnie the Pooh elsewhere new his system in Bonita flexion is, says in particular,

Speaker 3:68:50essentially asking, get Msr La Parte

Speaker 4:68:57boiler. Spoiler, spoiler cast. The Christopher Rochester for Robin. They have also noted that both [inaudible] and [inaudible], they came,

Speaker 3:69:11um, supporter guest conduct because Gaddafi, CEO Como. I thought that was going to be a rule set, but it goes every 10 barrel skeptical, less complaints and moving,

Speaker 4:69:43but it also had a sport in the day and be still a Christopher Robin, but I don't of those spoilers go in if there's some more being cold, but see a Turkey. It. It was. How do you have any mechanical? Whoever your conclusion is, if he knows he sent them into Nova. Who's Santa Rosa? Is this DNA code? A senior state and we now the state capital case today, the magnificant on the case or Richard Chairman, but I stopped Pensacola ice. You explore to them via which our chairman Cantando is that. Hey, so is this the one? No, they don't remember who was talking to Merino. Same Day. Bobby's gone, gone, gone, gone and study there. They they. This separately quick.

Speaker 4:71:19It's scandalous. Nino's remedy the Mondrian bio, but as he got a gun which has versus boys black hole or it's almost mass and it's the most important. The is was no. Instead of Emilia or glues or was concerned about that ministry. Isn't muckiness he honest Mac yet as the not saying you'll leave o'keefe sent her. My mom went up and secularity instead of say joe go more. Then they can in be honest with Mikey nasion and those just seem to be better than me and mystic. Whereas men will likely gay DNA Atlanta schools as Danvir Ellis. I look away or or dentists to double Dutch at all. It's really cool as Google stock.

Speaker 3:72:17Then team black conflict among. You know what she's doing? Well, you can look at second. It's probably a good thing for marketing the CBO elelement I like. Yeah. They hit Israel in his career than it is to.

Speaker 4:72:49No, see. I mean send me someone moving wellness app the but it's not the blown I go. Okay. Which isn't deals because it looks almost like a gentleman. Second Daily Day they knock familiar.

Speaker 3:73:18We'll see. Gets bothered by that.

Speaker 4:73:24This is not a but on catering we're located. Go get. No. Say if we need to be in, we need to call. My Dad and I a this year or so. Some is. It is. It says it's recording. Either Richard or the chairman, but uh, it's definitely cooler. Can you support gay when you say to have some? He started moving. He started moving north. St Louis even more so with the wound check on. Swimming will start kicking built. This is something that I used. The activist causes those.

Speaker 6:74:28Okay. Local. It's just a cool moment.

Speaker 4:74:31Second Cup with alcohol. The next thing you will get a think of. What?

Speaker 6:74:47So was this concept that they must see it goes through the is than boys. Then since then, is the in the, in London, you know, they say what are the mood level? Window kick on

Speaker 4:75:44the Casino Sense? Yeah. No I didn't.

Speaker 6:75:49No, I'll say instead of in the present that bms they get. Didn't say, boy just said, let me go on the north side. Does this singing allodynia? Is that in this moment? The idea? No custodian who savvy though who own the vehicle or

Speaker 4:76:31suicide

Speaker 6:76:32he put in the agent, nor does this group get them in. Oh, he does that. Tacoma, Tacoma. That they see it was and say not that many sequels and does this course in the mental load. Does this, we need a um, Maddie, madeline, madeline nipple. So lustily because then Sydney and principally global total in those as a basis for CNA media. They love, they the acellular. This is amazing. It says in that episode like this.

Speaker 4:77:45No, they said it was like Wednesday is that soon goes well, let's see. We been able to sell up and there's a moment though. We don't see the flute called lead magnets, but I want to say bye to daddy and I'm like, Hey, I did that year. So it gets heaven one year. Cost for a gallon. So it's so mucho. And then you go, hey, last quarter was as a lot

Speaker 6:78:39lump. It can, but when, if we see are the same as even getting even the evenly. Christopher Robin. Robin said. Marie. Yes. Second Essay. Pretty more. Simi Lash. I presented it to at least in advisory team. Boredom, but it's complicated and interesting concept or the TCO. Someone will. My. No, I stepped on the fifth dca. Not necessarily. I mean they didn't get that. Is They not sensitive way? The possibility that is it a separate center does this, except in the similar, went and acquired. Christopher Robin's later, as I say, the team they'll say says, he says, he says the see or the setup or libido

Speaker 4:79:43or just a. yeah, kikkoman elaborating. Classicus is the attendance. US too soon as mass. You are also, like I said, connect Jose Pathalo completely. Same Guy, smart as dogs here and so this is a learning machine gun. He was skilled, committed where I can get done dvc, get up. It was still cycle. They called Camino. The meal you go on with. This is common with conflict, so I'm embarrassed to say like we need a bullseye in, in pre med premera and these names is any loan equipment, prioritize lamean. Even amateurs can give person that goes on for also into says can, can get. I mean I keep it moving far as it was a teeny Montanez. Again, yes. I wouldn't you put up these names and all this. I told her some chanel, so when we went through they will talk to other vendors unless I need some. We need to.

Speaker 3:81:11Conventional. Sarita has more people. It gave me landing on interest, but then when she's here as well as this year, so our coordinator who what an element of any malice, complete them into the piglet. I can go to a theater. Yeah. We surveyed former. They lost personal. Nike is as you come around in speedos and loss. Bellucci is the stuff that Robin and he thought was I could look for a year, so people they put in for an entity, water. I drink a lot more, capital, lower case it and they sit, sit,

Speaker 4:82:00secret little many adventures of Winnie the Pooh because understanding that stress, I even said I was a kid. They can agree on a step below one and a good decent loss. Can that list that never expect or what not. All second one was when he posts. I've almost guide for the kids being an automaton. I hate that song. Was that so it must give us that Lucy already seen. Okay. Christopher Robin's have. Alice is a couple pool.

Speaker 3:82:40Don't want to look at your entity. This.

Speaker 4:82:45Okay.

Speaker 3:82:47A decent. No. Podemos. Was that when you put on it's own? See, they get as lucky as we book that or says, here's one now this baby, this one of this video. When are they still yell? Okay. I see ms dot with your po to look at bns Pocono Sierra or sound located in, in and it was Sierra or less having robin, but I saw this place. We ended up getting so familiar in the general management and studying. Not Locate your system. Know in looking tougher arena Stein in this to an in La,

Speaker 4:83:42but I want to be. Now this is replicated on the Malheur Como El Camino port road. Come on. Board level. Extended radio parts in the point in the meeting. So is as he. Is it capital or they leave it on? Yes. A momentous, uh, is his mood is located like was the circle of life they rarely on the live action, I guess. Practical. Mental? No. And elap elap particular live action. I remember one particular live action song. Como there either they said he asked his story at my second thing and I say Dan, Dan Tomboy ptosis because I can imagine your cookie. Okay, great.

Speaker 3:84:40Killing cellfina banner. At a rubber chairman, the piano can download the firewall and you can represent that macy's,

Speaker 4:84:55so particularly comes from the record at all going to eat when he was at the end of momentous as he that does this I ebm Yoko. Yoko feel set on so what I'm going to do and what is allowed as a kid and you couldn't expect that he was moving fast is the most common job because I'm not familiar if you know, if you can still buy stuff we're going to be cataloged is they all sat around and Bob was terrible. Instead of those capitals, catalyst

Speaker 3:86:04catalyst sold silver, eh, whatever lowly. Alexandra

Speaker 4:86:11guys, I'm just going to switch on and people bold. That sentence was pay downs.

Speaker 3:86:14So you guys just a Ne a cherry bomb by the government as a service. Dino says, Susie says, suppose I lose. Then in Rodeo tap. Yeah. Silence. Any Vasquez and Francisco worthiness. Gabby going to send know was was this medical Garcia Martinez Stevan a whole a Yankee and other heena going to suck. And Sophia Rodriguez, he died when she said, what are you? And she said it's getting in front of the patient and a fence. Either feminists when appropriate, but apple is still in

Speaker 4:87:20spotify and Sonos and spotify, soundcloud, soundcloud makes them and your list, because he gets even when I'm going to eat that day, these new funds, they that says, just don't realize it.

Speaker 8:87:40So much of it as this government.

Speaker 4:87:44One moment doesn't get done. We won't know. When I went through a Camino important in Disney fans, let's get the name of starbucks. They don't under that. You ever see role.

Speaker 3:87:59France will tell you is this portal

Speaker 4:88:03and it's going to go to Como a robot. If it's been chopped, a robot can pick on them. It was. Can you let me see on both guests. He knows the was gone. Is the chairman at 12? Carola they not. I said was. That was my way because there's gun. Same when. See somebody getting into into the bye bye.

Speaker 1:88:42Okay.

Speaker 8:88:43You don't dum, dum, dum, dumb, dum, dum on, busy, busy, busy doing nothing, doing nothing. That's the life for me. When I'm doing nothing, I'm doing something. Something that suits me to a team because I'm busy, I'm busy doing nothing. I find I never find the time to rest. Being busy doing nothing. I'm busy doing something. Doing nothing is something I do best.

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