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Is CHANGE a good thing....Where do you fit in?

July 09, 2022 GO2GIRLS Season 1 Episode 30
The Go2Girls Advice & Mixology Show
Is CHANGE a good thing....Where do you fit in?
Show Notes

Do you welcome change or avoid it like the plague?   The unknown and fear of the unknown are downright disabling for some people.  Featuring our first-ever "live in studio" episode advice-seekers have a  lot to say about CHANGE and their need to embrace or resist it. 

First Up Rachelle's "what should I do?" is filled with a whole lot of family drama and dysfunction the likes of which the girls have never seen.....Does she continue to have a relationship with her brother who won't be up for "father of the year" anytime soon or is ending the relationship the inevitable needed CHANGE in this story?

Second Tonya's looking for a life change....but is the "rut" she's in simply a result of boredom from the "NORM" and "EVERY DAY".  The stakes are high as her G2's help weigh in on the amount she is willing to gamble to change her comfortable and simple life.

If the Finale we hear back from "Winning Isn't Everything" who sought out the girls' advice on how to put an end to the competition between him and his girlfriend.  Did he change his DUMBING DOWN ways or continue to appease her and all the other women in his life?
Listen now to find out!

The laughs and stabs are at an all-time high as the girls bounce around CHANGE..... the all- mighty elephant in the room sitting high on top of the bar stools tonight!

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