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MONEY MONEY for discussion if your Elon Musk

August 16, 2022 Regular Cast Season 1 Episode 31
The Go2Girls Advice & Mixology Show
MONEY MONEY for discussion if your Elon Musk
Show Notes

Money can't buy happiness....why is it only the RICH say that?   If it can't buy happiness then that's the ONLY thing in this world money can't buy.  Seems everyone wants it and there's never enough to go around.
With financial discussions more taboo than sex these days.....the girls get on the bar stools ready and willing to have the talk........ARE YOU?

First Up "Loan by Leah"  loaned money to family with no terms or conditions and then found out the money was not used for the purpose it was loaned for.....the studio heats to an all-time high as the girls debate on whether she has ANY say in how the money's used when its loaned out.

Second "Mixed signals" is exactly what Baxter is getting from his women as they head into the next step of their relationship..... moving in together.  He says "RENT"....She says "BUY"  and his reluctance to buy says to her that he doesn't take the relationship seriously.  The girls are in consensus on this one so listen in to find out who's side they're on.

In the finale "it's my money... period!" Evan for short comes into a windfall of money from Nan's inheritance.  He just recently became of age but the toy he wants to buy with the money shows the child he still is.  Evan asks the girls to take his side in his decision to buy the "GOLDEN TOY".   The girls weigh in on whether or not they should stand behind Evan frivolous spend or step aside.  

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