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SEX .....Everyone's favourite "4 letter" word

October 05, 2021 Season 1 Episode 17
The Go2Girls Advice & Mixology Show
SEX .....Everyone's favourite "4 letter" word
Show Notes

Woody Allen would have surely showcased these story's in his "Everything you always wanted to know about SEX" 1972 American sex comedy anthology.....or would he?

Tonight the girls debate  sinful"what to do's" from deciding when is the RIGHT time for the FIRST time to double dipping in a relationship just because you can. 

First up "Good to the last drop" wants his cake and to eat it too!  Juggling a fiance who holds strong to her faith by withholding  sex until marriage and an attractive  coworker withholding NOTHING and giving EVERYTHING.  The lies can't go on for ever.....or can they?

Second "First Time for Everything" is faced with decision of a lifetime, but is she ready?  Naive in thinking all the "bases" are equal, she believes that moving from 3rd to home is as simple  as crawling to why not?   

"Blinded By the Light" let "TOO MUCH" light in and turned her uncomplicated 2 way relationship into a  twisted 3 way.  Thinking she has "fallen" for the 3rd  BBL seeks the  girls advice  in determining whether or not the feelings she's developed are that of  "love" or "red-hot  lust" for the best she's ever had.

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