My 10th Podcast Episode @ 50

August 12, 2021 Coach JPMD Season 1 Episode 10
My 10th Podcast Episode @ 50
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In this solo episode, Coach JPMD celebrates his birthday with the release of his 10th recorded episode!  According to recent statistics, most active podcasts never release more than 10 episodes.  This episode serves as a time to pause and reflect on where the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE™ podcast stands now and what the vision is for the future. Coach JPMD is grateful for his production team, his guests, colleagues, and all his listeners who encouraged him to continue on his mission to decrease physician burnout, increase awareness, and to help populations live long. You will not want to miss out on this heartwarming celebration!

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Welcome to the practice impossible podcast where your host Jude A., Pierre MD, also known as Coach JPMD discusses medical practice topics that will guide you through the maze that is business of medicine, and teach you how to increase profits and help populations live long. Your mission should you choose to accept is to listen and be transformed. Now, here's your host, Coach JPMD.

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That was pretty funny. So thanks Arif, he changed our intro a little bit. So today's a different episode. Happy birthday to me! What a gift it is to have a 10th episode of my practice impossible podcasts actually fall on my birthday. So I want to thank Arif, my production editor who was in charge of that and has been helping with the production of our podcasts. And I want to thank you guys for listening. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcasts, because that's how people get to find us. 

So in this episode, I want to take a pause, a pause, from teaching about the business of medicine and selling ideas, and use this time to reflect on the podcast landscape. And what it means to have 10 episodes of a podcast. I wanted to also take this time to share some of the fears that I had, in even beginning this process. We've had some great results over the past two to three months. And we've interviewed some really great people, great leaders in our community. And I have a vision, a vision for the future of where the business of medicine, or at least the teaching of the business of medicine should go for our residents, for physicians who may be struggling with their practices and looking for other opportunities. 

So let me share some general statistics that I have about podcasts. And a lot of this information will be in our show notes. So you can also find some of the statistics, I'm going to talk about at And yeah, some of the statistics I'm gonna be talking about are related to Apple podcasts. Because after doing this for a couple of months, I realized that Apple podcasts are the number one source for or the number one app for, for our users and our audience to download podcasts. And as of August 2021, there were 2,314,146 podcasts that were active, according to So an interesting statistic was that when you look at the detailed activity for all podcasts in the past 90 days, only 22.3% of all registered podcast feeds had some activity. Of all the available podcasts, only 36% of podcasts have 10 plus episodes. And so that puts us at the practice impossible podcasts in a different category once we get to the 10th episode. 

So it's big news for us. And it's because I think many people don't have the resources, the will or have not overcome a lot of the fears that I overcame to continue the podcast past the 10th episode. Now, of course, I haven't had the 11th episode, so who knows what's gonna happen, but I can assure you that yes, it will happen, because we do have a couple of episodes in the pipeline. But what's important to me is to help my audience and doctors out there, understand that some of the fears that you have about doing the things that you are not sure that you can do can be squashed when you have the right resources in place and, and the right people behind you. 

I think one of the things that helped me tremendously was going through a bootcamp with Pat Flynn, and his Smart Passive Income team that allowed me to understand the business of or the, I shouldn't say the business, but the ins and outs of creating a podcast, creating the content and creating the platform. That alignment with his team has really aided me, like I said, squashing the fears of being able to do this. One of my biggest fears was actually not wanting to do this, because my patients would hear about this and maybe they might think differently about me or what are my colleagues gonna think of, you know, why is this guy doing podcasting when he should be seeing patients and, you know, all those things came to mind as I was creating this, this vision, this idea, but, you know, I think there's a bigger idea there's a bigger vision behind this and that is to help the larger population at at hand where who we need help in teaching physicians how to decrease their stress and how to improve their life. 

And so even with the 10 episodes, or the nine episodes that I've created, I was able to be ranked in the top 50 medical podcasts on the feedspot, which was a great honor, because I did not even expect that truthfully. And some of the podcasts that I've recorded with my guests have been amazing. I've learned a lot of things from them, even just by interviewing them, who is able to read a book about gratitude about a lawyer who wrote thank you notes to his clients and his friends and how that transformed his life, and was able to also understand how they're a recurring theme themes in physician stress that is related to some of the things I've went through. And that's one of them was shame. And we're soon to have someone who's going to talk about shame and, and one of our future episodes. So all that all those things that are were created through this podcast. 

And so what is my vision for the future? So my vision is, the next couple of weeks, two months, I'm going to create a series on payment tree because I've had some feedback, I got some feedback from some listeners, they wanted to hear more topics on financial management. And so financial management of the practice as well as financial management, personal financial management, will be some of the topics that we're going to be covering. The series that I want to really eager to start is the payment tree series, which is going to detail every single aspect of the money that flow through Medicare Advantage companies, and how it affects reimbursement to the practice as well as reimbursement to you. I have an opportunity to work with the graduate medical education, residency training programs in one of our local hospitals. 

And that's coming up and I am so happy and honoured to be able to be participating in the residency training program to help young physicians coming out to learn the business of medicine. I also want to take this opportunity to invite more doctors to discuss their personal stories on managed care and, and what they've done in their life to help them improve their revenues, improve their lifestyle, and to just be better physicians and better human beings. So I'm super grateful for having this platform to share the knowledge and to help my colleagues learn about the business of medicine. 

So what's in it for you? Well, this is not just a podcast on how to make money and how to, you know, run the business, or the practices that you're in, but it's also how you need to live your personal life to be able to have the ability to practice impossible medicine. If there's any topics that you want to hear more about or you don't understand, or you have a guest that you want to hear on the podcast, leave a review, or go to our website and send me a note. Cheers to many more episodes to come!