The Kalevangelist

Episode 10: Incredible, Edible Soy

March 23, 2021 Lori Bridgeman Season 1 Episode 10
The Kalevangelist
Episode 10: Incredible, Edible Soy
Show Notes

On this episode of The Kalevangelist, I walk through some of my favorite ahhhhmmmaaaayyyyzing, delicious, healthy products made out of the incredible soybean. From soy curls to tempeh, tofu to soy sauce, there seems to be no end to this delectable bean's possibilities! 

We also look into the rumors about soy, particularly as relate to breast cancer and man boobs. We put these myths to the test, cast them aside, and dive in to the incredible variety of yummy options made available by this delectable bean. 

We'll also ponder how LUCKY the modern vegan is to live in this amazing time where technology, innovation, and the hard work of longtime vegans paved the way to making it just plain EASY to be a vegan today!

Helpful links:

French Toast Casserole recipe, made with silken tofu (yum!!):

Butler Foods, the makers of Soy Curls:

Tofu bacon! I use super firm tofu for this and cut it into thin slices:

Happy Cow...a traveling vegans best friend!