Every Outfit

On Carrie's Pigeon, Blonde, Paris Fashion Week

October 07, 2022 Every Outfit Season 1 Episode 88
Every Outfit
On Carrie's Pigeon, Blonde, Paris Fashion Week
Show Notes

The ladies are back to discuss their prediction powers, the first AJLT set shots, the arresting yet queasy allure of Netflix's Dahmner, the horror of watching Blonde, the Paris shows, YeezyS9 fallout, Kim K's new social justice podcast, and SO MUCH MORE!

See Carrie’s pigeon bag

Watch Dahmer

Watch Blonde

Fashion Shows

Loewe S/S23

Saint Laurent S/S23

Coperni S/S23 

Stella McCartney S/S23

Comme des Garcons S/S23

Rick Owens S/S23

Balenciaga S/S23

Yohji Yamamoto S/S23

Yeezy S9 

See Kylie’s great PFW outfits

Watch The Kardashians

Listen to Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith

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