Every Outfit

On Wakanda Forever, Balenciaga Objects, Falling for Christmas

November 18, 2022 Every Outfit Season 1 Episode 94
Every Outfit
On Wakanda Forever, Balenciaga Objects, Falling for Christmas
Show Notes

After a tight curation last week, the ladies are back to discuss this week's hottest topics: Balenciaga leaving Twitter, the truly insane prices of the new Balenciaga objects, Estee Lauder buying Tom Ford, the misguided The Met x PacSun collab, Kylie Jenner looking exquisite at the Mugler Exhibition opening, Isabelle Huppert's incredible Dior (?!?!) moment, and Margot Robbie's great Alaïa placement in Vanity Fair. They also discuss this week's hot releases: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Falling For Christmas, and Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris, the latest Kardashians episode, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Show Notes
See the
Balenciaga objects collection

See the Met’s PacSun collab

Visit the Thierry Mugler Couturissime Exhibition

See Kylie Jenner’s Mugler look

See Isabelle Huppert’s Dior look

Watch the Wakanda Forever trailer

Watch Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Watch Falling for Christmas

Watch The Kardashians

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